Monday 22 April 2013

Business and pleasure...

First the business....A quick heads up that my online yarn shop is selling Stylecraft Special DK in a flash sale at almost 50% off...just £1.20 per ball... whilst stocks last.  

Pop over to to grab a bargain.

Now the pleasure.... A couple of days ago I received this lovely 
email from Janice who won the BBB2013.  

It is to everyone who contributed to the blanket as well as me...

I got the blanket today and my soul its beautiful.I just love love it!! I Tried to put a thank you comment on your blog a few times but it never seems to work.. Soo I want to say thank you to you Jill for the chance I had to winning this stunning blanket.  also can you thank all the ladies as well..I love every block and that. i have a special touch in my home from from all over the world.  I will be taking it to my knitting /crochet group i go to , to show it off. At home I will be on the back of my chair so I can proudly display it.  I am going to send you some pics to see what you can use on the blog. 
Thanks once again Jill 

Janice also attached these photos:

Thanks so much for sending the photos Janice... 
It is great to see where the blanket lives now.

Jill x


  1. It is pretty happy for Janice! Looks like she will need it with the snow in the background there.

    You did a great job Jill yet again.x

  2. is it wrong that I get super pleased to see my little square on the finished blanket??!! All the way in Canada...
    I've just been over to your shop for a little spend - cos I need more yarn like a hole in the head! I'm going to try and make a scarf like Ann's on Sewing Bee (did you spot it?). It's become a mission.
    Hope you are OK lovely lady
    fee x

  3. How cool to see all the lovely squares and completed blanket in its new home!
    Ali x

  4. Look amazing all together!

  5. It's looking good in it's new home, thank you to Janice for sending the photo's and to you again Jill for putting it together and hosting. I'm off to look at your yarn now... you temptress! you do know I'm trying to reduce my stash not enlarge it don't you! haha

  6. Hola muy hermosa la manta, con colores y motivos muy vivaces y alegres me encanta tu blog besos.

  7. Amazing quilt! You are tremendously handy. I loved it here looked :-)

  8. It is SO beautiful! It amazes me how the blocks all come together and always look great! I should do this next year or the next time you have one..what a fun project and how wonderful of your to put it all together. Beautiful job by all!


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