Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013... Let’s get going!

If you read my blog last year, or read about 
the Beautiful Blogger Blanket competition 2012, 
you will know that the prize is....

the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 itself!

 The Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012

 The Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012

As last year, our Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013

 does not mind who you are,

it does not mind where you are 

it does not mind whether you are

 a beginner or an expert crocheter.... 

It is a



love-filled blanket!

Now for the formal bit....


Your squares MUST be made in 100% double knit (DK) cotton to make it suitable for all.

They must be made using the appropriate hook for your yarn.

Your squares should be between 5 x 5 cm (smallest) and 20 x 20cm (largest)...anything in between is okay too.

Your squares can be made in whatever colour you choose...

Your squares should be CROCHETED using ANY PATTERN.  Please look at the squares which were sent last year HERE for inspiration. 

Please sew all ends in!

Post your squares to me...you can get my address by emailing the address on the contacts page of my website, or by texting the mobile number given there: 

Don’t forget to include your name and blog address in your envelope. 
If you don’t have a blog that is okay, but please make sure you say so.

Please include the source of the pattern you have used in with your square, for example: ‘From 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton’, so that I give credit where due. If the pattern is yours please say so.

Please ensure that your squares reach me by midnight on 31st January 2013 at the very latest. (I will be strict about this rule this year).

The ONLY difference in the rules this year
 is that you are only allowed to send a 
maximum of 4 squares.  

For every square you send, 
you will get the same number of entries...

1 square =1 entry
2 squares = 2 entries 
3 squares = 3 entries
4 squares = 4 entries

Now for my bit: 

As the curator of the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013 I promise to:

Keep your squares safe, clean and dry.

Blog about EVERY SINGLE square I receive - 
including photographs of each square you send.  

I will give details of who sent it 
(I will publish your blog name if you have one
 and link to your blog).  

I will also give details about the source
 of the square pattern.

I will then sew up ALL the squares until we can 
finally see our Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013!

and then....

I will put the names of all lovely contributors into a bag, and 
(with witnesses) will draw out the name of the winner of 
The Beautiful Bloggers Blanket of 2013 on.... 

1st MARCH 2013

I will then post The Beautiful Bloggers Blanket of 2013 to it’s 
rightful owner who could be YOU!

Have I missed anything out? 

 Let me know if you have any 

questions or problems...


  1. Yay, that's great, I'll be joining in again !!!! Glad to see you back and things on the up for you. Deb x

  2. That's great Deb! and strangely I just found you on Instagram too... thanks for the kind words as always x

  3. Wooopppeeee! Very excited......I am going to get my thinking cap on!

    1. Ha ha Faith... you have sooooo much on your plate already... maybe just one square this year? Hugs, x

  4. Whoop whoop, how exciting, I shall certainly be joining in on this. Great to have you back in blog land again & I hope you & your family are well x

    1. Yay Shelley! Will you have yours in first again this year :)? Thanks for such a lovely welcome.. we all seem to be doing well at the moment...phew! Hugs, x

  5. Great! I need to stock up on cotton yarn and I can start :)

    1. I can't wait to see your sqaures Inka... :)x

  6. Yay - I found out about the 2012 blanket only just too late! This time I'm in!

    1. Glad you found out in time this time round! x

  7. I would love to send you a few squares too, without the chance to win. Is it possible? I´m still so in love with the blanket and it is getting so many compliments from our visitors every time! A few weeks ago I took the blanket to my sons school to show it to the kids and told them everything about it. Now they all want to learn to crochet! :)
    I´m so glad you are back and I can´t wait to see all the finished squares on your blog!
    Hugs and kisses! Barbina

    1. Hi Barbina! How lovely to think of the blanket going in to be admired in your son's school... are you going to set up crochet classes? It's great to be back...and I am so excited to see squares arriving again... of course you can join in again...and if you don't want to be entered into the draw that's okay... and very generous of you too. My leafy scarf is keeping my neck beautifully warm in the autumn chill here :) Hugs for you too...Jill xx

  8. Yes! I am SO participating again this year! :) Too bad we only get to send in 4 squares this time around... Although completely understandable from a putting-it-all-together-in-one-ginormous-blanket standpoint ;)
    I'm excited! :)

    1. Hi Wink... well I thought about the size of the blanket last year... and if more people join this year as many wanted to but missed it...wow this could be enormous! I'm excited too :) Jill x

  9. yay! i'm so excited for this! going to start making something right away!

    1. That's great Trish... can't wait to see them :)x

  10. Just found you via Instagram. What an amazing idea...I am in !
    Love your blog. X

    1. Following you too now on Instagram...I only found it recently and i LOVE it! Crochet photos fixes at any moment of the day or night! Your Etsy shop is lovely... very tempting... especially that little fox :)x

  11. Definitely in. It's a marvellous idea, and you must be a saint to even think about sewing all those squares together. :-)

    1. Thanks Jill... last year I wasn't quite prepared for the huge response, but this year I am armed and ready... hooks and pins by my side :)x

  12. So excited, Ill get on to it... just as soon as I get the other 97 projects Im working on out of the way (but dont worry it will be before March!!) :) xxJ

  13. YAY!!! Am already hooking Jill but am doing some plain squares this time round to balance out all the stunning intricate ones you receive! Hope that's ok. xxx

  14. Hello, I just found your blog and very much enjoy it, I would love to send in a couple blocks. The only problem is I cant find your email address to get the mailing one. My email is jdpalmerhowe@hotmail.com.. hope you get there. :D

  15. I am thinking of what squares I can make this year, I loved making them and the update posts last year and am please to *hear* your blogging voice again.
    Hope everything is going well and sending lots of love to you and your family xx

    1. Hi Joanne... thanks for your kind comments... it's nice to be back, and the first 'BBB 2013' squares are in so I'll be photographing them today... hugs, Jill x

  16. I'm excited about the blogger blanket but also wanted to say I love your new header!!

    1. Hi Christina.. thanks! I'm not sure about the header yet... but it is better than the empty space that used to be there :)x

  17. Hi Jill! I was so angry with myself, that I had missed this fun project last year, but this year I'm in! I was just a bit worried about the yarn, because I had no idea where I should get the right one here in Germany. Our friend Barbina helped me and recommended the yarn that she had used last year. Maybe it's a lucky yarn, and I'll be the winner this time? :) Anyway, you can count me in, I'll send you the squares in time!

    Thank you for organizing this project this year again, and hugs from k-town!


  18. Hi Jill! Just found your blog and would love to join in on the fun. I'll have to buy some dk weight yarn, it's not something I have (I don't think), but I'm excited about making the squares.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi Stocki I would love to join in I was so disappointed I missed out last year. :)

  21. i will definitely be getting involved in this! Time to find a pattern :D

  22. Hi Jill, I'm so excited I found you blog today ... Like a Christmas present... Right after Christmas ill make my square and send it to you. Just need to find out where to mail it ( here is my email if you can send me the info) and do you know how long it take to get to you from the US?
    Thanks for putting his together... So much fun!
    I have done something like this but just to raise money for a foster parent appreciation dinner ... It was fantastic!
    Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas !

  23. Hi and Merry Christmas! I'm so excited I found you via Instagram and definitely want to become a part of all these! I loved this project at once I knew about it :)
    Thanks for your project!


  24. I just found you blog today.. This competition sound fun, how I wish I could join you all!

  25. I would love to join in but someone needs to let me know what DK double knit yarn is?? I'm from the USA, do we have an equivalent type of yarn?

  26. Hi Jill, is it too late for me to send the squares to you? I have been sick and could not put it in the post office till probably Thursday. D they have to reach ou or be postmarked by the 14 th ?
    Thanks so much for answering me :)

    1. Hi! Quick...run and pop them in the post... I'll wait! I'm sewing together as fast as i can... thanks so much for joining in :)x


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