Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Le monde de Sucrette... squares all the way from Beirut!

If you don't know Angie from Le Monde de Sucrette you have a treat and a half to come discovering her gorgeous crochet work in colours that force the sun out even in the depths of winter.. and her own crochet projects that are an absolute delight! 

Angie's name was one of those put forward in the 'Wish list' postbut Angie had already decided to join in!

Look what Angie sent to us for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket... 

 These squares are all made using the pattern called, 'Flower in a Square' which is on Angie's blog...

Angie's squares have come all the way from Beirut... I may plot the origins of all our squares on a map if I can work out how!

 Angie did a lovely a blog post about making her squares here...

The colours Angie chose are purple, white, green, orange, blue, pink and red...

Angie is also a great artist... have a look at her happy, happy art HERE.

Angie does great graphic patterns for her crochet projects... squares, flowers, cushions, throws... so many more beautiful things...

Thank you so much for joining in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 Angie!

You now have 4 chances to win the whole blanket...



  1. More lovely squares, this is going to be a stunning blanket when it's done!

    I'm looking forward to seein all the squares laid out together, but am wondering what you will have to stand on to take the pic!

    Sent mine today!

  2. I love the green, white and pink colour combination. Beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful colours - this blanket will be amazing!
    Judy xx

  4. What a collection you already have ! And beautiful...


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