Thursday, 30 June 2011

Half a hexagon!

I searched everywhere and couldn't find a pattern for half a hexagon... most people seem to leave the edges higledy-pigledy...but I want a smooth I made my own pattern up!  My chest is puffed out like a pigeon...well, I am ample in that department anyway... but today I am truely puffed up! Here is my little creation:
I tried it in with the other whole hexagons and it seems to fit a treat!
A round of applause please :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hexagon progress :)

I'm getting there... it's been a while since I posted, but hey... it's Wimbledon fortnight!  It has been very cloudy, hot and humid in Oxford all week, but today is cool and wait... yes... the sun has just come out!!
I have been busy working on the Hexagon blanket whilst watching is proof!

 I changed the original hexagaon in favour of the mostly cream base... the photo doesn't do the creamy creaminess justice...
and there are more....
Almost enough to make a small cot blanket... I want to cover a single many do you think I will need??

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A hexagon...hurrah!

I have tried and tried and finally... I produced a hexagon! 

The pattern comes from a book called, 'The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches', by Lyric Books Ltd.

I am very proud of myself.... So now to choose colours for my blanket... I love the grey/green with the 'in your face' pink....

These are the colours I have to choose from....


I think these 3...what do you think? 

Coco Rose Diaries

My first blog read of the morning was Coco Rose Diaries as I drank my first cup of tea... it made me laugh, sigh in agreement at her dislikes and amazed me because she mentioned that she flys in her dreams...and I do too!  Well, more of a sedate float really unless I am going down hill..then I really get a move on!  I tried for 30 minutes to post a comment on her blog, but none of my log-ins worked! So if you read this Vanessa... it was a great post and your Kreative Blogger Accolade is absolutely deserved! Your blog is truly inspirational x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Knitting in the family,,,

My Mum is now 86..and was getting bored.  My Dad is disabled and Mum has become his carer, so I suggested she take up knitting again.  We needed something simple and found my Great Auntie-Flo's coat hangers... Flo was registered blind but she knitted a lot.. mostly coathangers out of recycled yarn which, as far as I remember was made of torn up nighties! Here are a few that survive... probably made about 40 years ago when Flo was about 70....

and so Mum rediscovered her love of knitting... and here are some of her coat hangers....

so remember to teach your daughters to knit... I'll post some of my hangers on here soon... 3 generations!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lovely little flowers at last!

I have been wanting to be able to crochet little flowers for ages...and thanks to 'Little Birdie Secrets' I now can't stop making them! There is a link to a really easy to follow video tutorial too.  Many thanks to the 2 ladies there for this new found passion!  Here are a few of my first flowers:

When I had made a few I adapted the pattern a little to make a slightly bigger flower:

I think this little red one is my favourite so far:

Then, inspired by these tiny ones, I made a HUGE one (15cm diameter) from Hoopla Yarn using a size 12 (UK) hook:'s addictive! Now I need a little leaf pattern to go with my flowers... and then somewhere to sew them....

Saturday, 4 June 2011

What an inspiring morning!

I have just spent a few hours reading some fantastic inspiring blogs thanks to a blog called
'Le Monde De Sucrette' ...I have followed her entries for a while but noticed that she had received a Kreativ Blogger Award...and then she in turn gave it to other sites that she I followed all the links and found some fantasitic inspiration!  I am about to add some of them to my favourite blog lists so be sure to have a look if you want a lovely few hours reading in the garden on a sunny morning!
p.s:  I put the pattern for Wendy Bag made from Katia Paper on Folksy last night :)

Friday, 3 June 2011


Well that's what happens when you get a new job - no time to blog let alone make anything! I haven't 'blogged' for 2 months!!
I have managed to experiment with a fantastic yarn called Paper by Katia though.  This yarn is literally made out of paper cellulose.  Strong, pliable and easy to crochet/knit with,   the results are unusual and set my mind spinning with ideas:  bags, placemats, coasters, purses, book covers - endless possibilities! 
(Katia books have some patterns in - for adult and childrens bags.  Particularly cute are the 2 children's bags in Katia book no. 53, and there is a girl's peaked cap! Katia book 'Elegance' No. 62 has a delicate evening bag and a large shoulder bag). 
Here is my latest project: a shoulder bag made from Katia Paper in pale grey:  My eldest sister's birthday present - so I'll call it a Wendy Bag.  It took 3 balls of 'Paper'.  I'll post the pattern on my Folksy shop ASAP.

Wendy Bag