Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket - Squares from Melbourne, Australia!

Oooo quick... we seem to have internet in Suffolk at the moment... 
so just time to post the pics that I did yesterday...

Just before I popped off to Madrid last 
week I had a lovely treat...

A package all the way from Melbourne, 
Australia from the lovely Beberouge!

and what little beauties she has sent...

   This lacy square is Motif #101, from 
the book, 'Beyond the Square - Crochet 
Motifs' - Motif # 101 by Edie Eckman, 
in Moda Vera 8 ply Cotton

This beautiful flowery square is made 
using the pattern, 'Flower Square Motif' 
by Rose Hipusing Moda Vera 8ply Cotton.

Beberouge's 3rd square has a popcorn 
stitch flower centre and is made using 
a pattern called, 'Something Pretty', 
from Mille Makes at 
using Moda Vera Cotton.

Finally the fourth square is one that I 
really want to try myself...the pattern 
is called, 'Hawaiian Flowers', 
using Moda Vera 8 ply yarn.

All four together look gorgeous don't they? 

Beberouge also sells very sweet crochet items on Etsy

Thank you Beberouge... for such beautiful 
squares and for joining in with the 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012.....

You have 4 chances to win the blanket! 

Good luck! 

If you are inspired by all the squares that have been arriving 
for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 you can still join in! 

We extended the closing date until the 29th February so get 
crocheting!  The rules are HERE and HERE

Have a look at ALL the squares that I have shown so far HERE
and there are SO many more to come... I have almost 
100 squares in my eager little hands!


  1. Beautiful squares, Beberouge is very clever, I especially like the lacy square, how unusual.

    Must get my act together and put my squares in the post otherwise I'll miss the revised deadline.

    Hope t'internet stays with you, makes me feel edgy when mine is down, hope you had a nice time in madrid also!x

    1. Hey faith...don't you dare miss that deadline... the blanket will miss your squares!Back in Oxford now.. no problems with internet here! :)x

  2. I keep resisiting...but am sorely tempted!
    I must take some pictures of the things I made (for my mum!) with the beautiful wool I got from you recently. No more itchy eyes for me!
    fee x

    1. Come on would be lovely if you joined in! Just lone little square :) I would love to see your photos... :)x

  3. I love seeing these beautiful squares. I am a quilter but am teaching myself to crochet! Lovely blog. xoxo

  4. beautiful squares. I love your BBB 2012 posts. What am i going to do when its all done?????

    Hope you had a nice time in madrid & any news on the interview?


    1. Hi Shelley... ahh thanks for asking... sadly no job, though I had a great time at the interiew! Madrid was fantastic thanks.. not sure what I'm going to do when the BBB2012 is over either! :)x

  5. Ooohh, they look lovely and I love the colours. I especially like the Hawaiian flower.
    I agree with Shelly, I'll really miss the BBB 2012 posts when there over! You will have to have another blanket compilation soon xx

    1. Me too Joanne... another blanket... oh my goodness... now there's a thought! :)x

  6. Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous! I think the pink one is my favourite.

    1. I like the Hawaiian flower and the pink one and the other two as well Karisma! Greedy... moi? :0x

  7. So glad to see they made it all the way to u. The hawiian flowers are super easy I love them. I look forward to esme's squares wink wink hehe. Love the BBB!!!

    1. I will definitely be having ago at the flowers Esme... thanks again for joining in...Esme's squares...they are on their way :)x

  8. Gorgeous ... LOVE the colours! Can't wait to see the blanket !!!! lol x

  9. Beberouge is good, isn't she! Love her squares:) Jill, the BBB is really going to be superfantastic!

    1. Beberouge is a fantastic crocheter isn't she Elisabeth... I am so privileged to be able to see everyone's work first-hand.....Oooo it is going to be marvelous! :)x


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