Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One-A-Day Update 4... Just!

Phew... 11.50pm and just in time for the Tuesday Tally over at 

Today has been a blur of hospital appointments (my lovely Dad fell over a couple of weeks ago and damaged his thumb...I'll spare you the details).. it is also my daughter's 27th (*gulp*) birthday, the day has flashed past.  

Luckily I was able to knock up a square for my Sunny Spread in the waiting room with Dad... I do get some funny looks... but also friendly comments from other lovely crocheters / knitters who wished they had brought their work.

When I was little it was nothing to see a few ladies knitting on the bus, at the doctors, in the dentists waiting room... even at school plays and on the benches of the local playground... but like breast feeding, 'doing it in public' is not common... hopefully both will make a return...

My tally for One-a-day number 1 is 27 ...on target....

My one-a-day for One-a-day number 2 is still lagging a little behind... 

Have you seen the progress of the others in the One-a-day group here? The amount of work (it's not work though is it? It is pure pleasure) is impressive.

Whist you are bloggying around have a peak at Bunny Mummy's giant granny square and sign up for her lovely giveaway.....

The weather promises everything this week... and I have a garden to pull back from the brink of wasteland... wish me luck.. it's a jungle out there! 

Monday, 26 September 2011

A World of Imagination

Blog Candy.........Giveaway...
Deb's giveaway goodies
Oooo another lovely giveaway.. 
Look what Deb from A World of Imagination: is giving away!
You have until 9pm next Monday to sign up :)x

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One-A-Day Update 3

My first post on my return to Blogspot (I was Stockton Crafts at Typepad for a couple of months) has to be my third update for the One-a-Day Project which was started by Carole - Gingerbread Girl  

I began on the 1st September so 20 squares towards my Sunny Spread ....

Now this is a little test... can you spot the deliberate mistake? Okay so it wasn't deliberate, I only just noticed it when I put this photo up...how did I miss that?! Back to the sewing box I must go on this one... 

If you read my blog as Stockton Crafts you will know that I was seriously missing some colour in my crochet with all this creaminess... so look .... I'm a greedy girl I know... a second One-A-Day project! 

I hope Gingerbread Girl won't mind me doing something very similar to her, but I do love the Sunny Spread pattern - it makes up so easily....

I've got a bit of catching up to do - I should have 20 squares by now, but I am never short of an excuse to crochet... so I will catch up soon....

I have also been working on this..

It's a mystery... to me too.... I know I adapted something else, but can't for the life of me remember where the inspiration came from... so now I have to dissect it, write it all out and stat again.. it may or may not reappear... who knows!

To those of you who have followed the link from Stockton Crafts
(Please remember to update your book marks for me)... 

To my new followers...WELCOME!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Stocki is coming back to Blogspot..

A couple of months ago I moved to Typepad as Stockton Crafts - but  I soon realized that Typepad wasn't as 'creative' as Blogspot, so I have moved back.  

I can't seem to import my blog posts from Typepad, though I will keep trying, but from tomorrow, 20th September 2011, I will be posting from here...