Friday, 1 July 2011

Suffolk and Hoopla Grannies

I'm in Suffolk today ... hubby is restoring a barn here.. when we first met (nearly 10 years ago) he told me that he lived in an 'almost finished' converted barn.... well what a porkie pie! It is a ramshackle old barn still.  It has a house on the end of it though, so it's all good. 
Last month work started on the actual barn - it is going to be a living room and bedroom eventually - footings are being dug and beams replaced etc., so we are off the see the progress this weekend.  I'll show you the photos next week. Does anyone else live in Suffolk, UK?

Meanwhile... look what I made in a brief respite from Hexagons!!
Ahh just a good old Granny square I hear you say?  But look at this:
That is my favourite mug next to the square... I got fed up with the lack of sunshine during Wimbledon weeks ... so dull was the light indoors that I decided to brighten up the hall... this may be going a little far... the colours are very BRIGHT!!  But they do make me smile and when the hall is painted white.....ooooo I can't wait!
I used a size 15mm hook and each square took me 50 minutes to make... I reckon I am going to need 6 squares. Has anyone else got any experience with Hoopla Yarn (it is like Zpagetti in Europe)?  I sell it in my internet shop so have the adantage of being able to choose from all the lovely colours, but the cones are HUGE so I think I am going to sell smaller amounts so that people can try it out, or use it to trim smaller projects... I'd love some input from other crafters really... so let me know what you think....

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