Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hello...remember me?

Italy - September 2008
Hello! Remember me? Blimey it's been a while since I last posted....late May I think it was... I had just been inspired by the lovely Sarah at Annaboo's House to plunge into another crochet project... my enthusiasm was fired and I was off... 

Pride DOES come before falls you know... Sadly it wasn't my fall.. but my parents failing health that hit me and my family full force in the beginning of June.  First Mum (a fiercely independent 88 year old), then Dad (89 and a proud half years old), and then Mum again... the whole late spring and summer have disappeared for my family under hospital visits, admissions and an incredible list of horrible happenings.... 

Dad is now regaining his health and Mum is coming home from her latest hospital admission tonight... there is light at the end of the tunnel! However, at 88 and 89 they need LOTS of support... so my 2 sisters and I are staying with them in turns.  

I have had to close Stockton Crafts for a while... my little fantasy wool shop corner of the internet...hopefully only for a little while.

In amongst all this 'caring' my sanity has been preserved by 3 things: 
1.  Lurking on other everyone's blogs... seeing the wonderful things you have all been doing over the summer... 
2.  My crochet...always my crochet... it calms me, distracts me, keeps my nervous fingers busy... and creates many a conversation in hospital waiting rooms with complete strangers! 
3.  My lovely supportive hubby... who in June was expecting to spend a summer in Suffolk with me.. and who ended up spending it mostly on his own! The photo above is of us exactly 4 years ago on our honeymoon in Italy.. look how relaxed and happy we look... we are going to go back to that olive grove one day...... 

So to those of you who have been lovely enough to wonder... I am still here... I will be back soon (God willing)... 


  1. oooh glad you're back and (kind of) OK! I was just thinking about you today as I wanted some wool (NOW!) as I had re found my crochet mojo. Sorry you've had to close - hopefully it's only short term - and it's for good reason.
    I know how exhausting hospital trips are....make sure you're taking good care of yourself as well as looking after others (especially if they need you!)
    lots of love Jill,
    fee x

  2. Jill I am so sorry about your parents but it is good news that they are on the mend now though.
    It is extremely bizarre and such a coincidence but I was thinking of you today as i searched through my blog roll and remembered I hadn't seen you appear for a while & wondered if all was ok, then here you are!
    Nice to see you are well.

    All the best
    Shellley x

  3. Wellcome back ! I'll hope you'll stay...

  4. I will still be here when you have time to come back. Much love to you and your family.

  5. Oh dear! So glad to hear from you and sorry that your summer wasn't as planned. I hope your family are all on the mend now xxxx

  6. So sorry to hear that you've been having a bad time. It's lovely to "hear" from you again. I hope that your parents really are regaining their health and will be thinking of you.

  7. I understand totally as I took care of my folks long distance for several years by myself. I was an only child so I drove 9-11 hours one way on weekends to check on them and make sure all was okay but it took it's toll on me too so like Fee said.....take care of yourself too. I've been having some family issues this Summer and have been terrible about visiting and blogging....that's life even in blogland. Bless you and your parents and your wonderful supportive newlyweds!

  8. Jill it's so lovely to hear from you again - we've missed you!!! So sorry to hear about your troubles. Let's hope things will pick up from now. Keep your chin up girl! lol x

  9. It is so nice to hear from you again! I hope everything will get better for you now and you will have somne time to relax.
    Many hugs and kisses to you! Barbina

  10. Good to 'hear' from you Jill but I am so sorry to read about your troubles. Fortunately you have your hook and yarn to stay healthy yourself. A big hug to you!

  11. Glad to see you back! I'm sorry to hear that you've had a hard time of things with your Mum and Dad being unwell, but it's good news that they are both out of hospital now and you can perhaps take things a little easier. Keep hooking :O)xx

  12. Hello, I was wondering what happened to you. Not that I can talk I have been awol a lot too. Sorry to hear your parents have been unwell. Hope they are feeling better now. Hugs xoxox

  13. I had wondered where you were, and had hoped the reasons for your absence were good ones. But alas no. Sending healing thoughts for your parents x

  14. Glad you've popped in to say hi, sounds like things have been horrible recently....I'm glad that you have found some comfort in your crochet. Hope that you manage to find a balance that works for you and your sisters and that you get some breaks and down time.

    Love the photo of you happy.

    Take care.x

  15. I've been wondering about you and would check in to see if there was a new post now and then. My grandparents are a very independent 88 and 93. It takes a lot of love and time to help our families. I'm sure you've been tired and worried at times. Glad things are settling down a bit. Hope you and your folks continue to do well. And can't wait to see what you've been making! Xo

  16. Hi Jill, Ive missed you, and checked back many times to see if you were back or not. Im sorry to hear about your parents, it must be tough, but you are right the most important thing is to spend this time with them (and you are lucky to have sisters to share the load with)... I hope you are still finding time for you! Love Janette x x x


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