Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I told you I was easily bored!

I was bored with rugs and crochet - it won't last long - but for a little light relief I decided to make use of some beads I have been stashing for a while and made some jewellery!  I love wearing colour now - there was a time when I lived in black from head to toe - No, I wasn't a goth, I just felt more comfortable in black.  Then I met my husband and the colours came out again!  I really enjoy wearing basic, colourful jewellery - nothing blingy or expensive - but bright, happy, and comfortable. 
So this week my 'mini treasury' is selfishly some of my latest efforts which I have put for sale on Folksy. If you have never been to Folksy to see all the gorgeous handmade things that are made in the UK, take a look at: www.folksy.com

Apple green and silver bracelet Topaz and silver bracelet
Jade Green Bracelet Pale Topaz Bracelet
Cute Colourful Bracelet Cherry red earrings

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