Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One-A-Day Update 3

My first post on my return to Blogspot (I was Stockton Crafts at Typepad for a couple of months) has to be my third update for the One-a-Day Project which was started by Carole - Gingerbread Girl  

I began on the 1st September so 20 squares towards my Sunny Spread ....

Now this is a little test... can you spot the deliberate mistake? Okay so it wasn't deliberate, I only just noticed it when I put this photo up...how did I miss that?! Back to the sewing box I must go on this one... 

If you read my blog as Stockton Crafts you will know that I was seriously missing some colour in my crochet with all this creaminess... so look .... I'm a greedy girl I know... a second One-A-Day project! 

I hope Gingerbread Girl won't mind me doing something very similar to her, but I do love the Sunny Spread pattern - it makes up so easily....

I've got a bit of catching up to do - I should have 20 squares by now, but I am never short of an excuse to crochet... so I will catch up soon....

I have also been working on this..

It's a mystery... to me too.... I know I adapted something else, but can't for the life of me remember where the inspiration came from... so now I have to dissect it, write it all out and stat again.. it may or may not reappear... who knows!

To those of you who have followed the link from Stockton Crafts
(Please remember to update your book marks for me)... 

To my new followers...WELCOME!


  1. The coloured pins in your cream blanket look like a showering of sprinkles. It looks great. Maybe you could add random colours embroidered as a bit of oomph. But it does look great as is!
    xXx Helen

  2. Love the cream Sunny Spread and the colours of your second one are beautiful. I'm sure Carole won't mind at all. Deb xxx

  3. I really love the cream one but imagine it could get boring with all one colour. I am sure both will turn out gorgeous though.

  4. Ooops on your mistake! And of course I don't mind! You've picked some lovely colours.

  5. I thought to myself that's an interesting pattern wonder how you did that....it's quite obviously the end of a day as it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out. I like how you are blocking as you go, what yarn are you using. I'm using cotton and found it doesn't really do much on blocking, but maybe I am missing something.

    I am really looking forward to big family suppers with my boys and their partners, although I can quite well imagine the cost, we are already not small eaters in our family, but I do love to cook, nothing better than good food and good company!

  6. Hi Faith... I am using cotton too...pinning and spraying with water lightly.. leave in the sun (wishful thinking) to dry... seems to just get them to stay in place a little better x

  7. Love the colored version you are making! This pattern is first on my list to do once I have finished all my current projects.

  8. I love both of your versions of this, and the colours in your second version are lovely :) Oopsy about your mistake, lol, but at least you noticed it now and not when you'd joined the whole thing together ;)

  9. Gorgeous work! I have made that mistake before too - it's quite annoying. (And why is it you can look and look at something, but it's not until you see a photo that you spot a mistake...? It happens all the time to me!)

  10. Took me ages to spot the mistake! I think this pattern is beautiful in mono and multi colours. I'm going to have trouble deciding when it comes to my turn.

  11. Took me some time to spot the mistake too! A blind man would like to see that as my Nanny Dot would have said. I do daft bits like that all the time, you're not alone.

    Welcome back to Blogspot. I didn't get on very well with Typepad and jumped ship. Gosh it's been a learning curve this blogging lark!!


    ps did you know you're a "No Reply Blogger?" which means I couldn't email you directly back when you commented over at mine. Lovely comment, thank you! I don't think broodiness ever leaves us mother types!

  12. Ohh I see the different one! You could leave it in and see if anyone else does, it will always be your special little random :-)

  13. One a day is a great idea - is it cheating if you 'accidentally' do more?
    I've only just managed to track down your blog - I have 'issues' with not being able to see the details of people who leave me comments - and I definitely have a tinge of light envy - those are two sparkly beauties indeed!
    Emily x

  14. I could spot the mistake!!But I am sure it can be easily rectified!!And your cream and colour crochet both look beautiful!!And its good to do two a day. You will have double results, like twins:)

  15. These both look so lovely, I'm plotting my own one of these in the future, I might even get to the wool shop for a browse this afternoon. (Just looking of course!)

  16. both are beautiful.


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