Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One-A-Day Update 4... Just!

Phew... 11.50pm and just in time for the Tuesday Tally over at 

Today has been a blur of hospital appointments (my lovely Dad fell over a couple of weeks ago and damaged his thumb...I'll spare you the details).. it is also my daughter's 27th (*gulp*) birthday, the day has flashed past.  

Luckily I was able to knock up a square for my Sunny Spread in the waiting room with Dad... I do get some funny looks... but also friendly comments from other lovely crocheters / knitters who wished they had brought their work.

When I was little it was nothing to see a few ladies knitting on the bus, at the doctors, in the dentists waiting room... even at school plays and on the benches of the local playground... but like breast feeding, 'doing it in public' is not common... hopefully both will make a return...

My tally for One-a-day number 1 is 27 ...on target....

My one-a-day for One-a-day number 2 is still lagging a little behind... 

Have you seen the progress of the others in the One-a-day group here? The amount of work (it's not work though is it? It is pure pleasure) is impressive.

Whist you are bloggying around have a peak at Bunny Mummy's giant granny square and sign up for her lovely giveaway.....

The weather promises everything this week... and I have a garden to pull back from the brink of wasteland... wish me luck.. it's a jungle out there! 


  1. I too love crocheting/knitting in public, and am constantly met with amazed comments that i can crochet. I have spent many a moment in hospital crocheting with 3 littlies and 1 who is accident prone we seem to be there a bit lol. I hope your dad is ok, your one a days are looking great Thanks for your kind words over at BebeRouge I think little princess is very cute indeed

  2. I always take my crochet stuff with me, when I have to wait somewhere. But it is not common here too and people are giving me strange looks also. But maybe we can help changing this a bit.
    Both of your blankets look amazing!
    Hope your Dad feels better now! Barbina

  3. I do all my crochet in the living room, in my special chair, listening music or watching TV. I take a book when I have to wait...I've always done that way...
    Hug and have a nice day.

  4. Hello there! I just wanted to say Hi and thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Thanks for stopping by :) loving the look of your blog....lovely to have found it! I'm planning to come back this evening once the mad house has settled down and have a good read :) I love finding new ones!!

    Jo x x

  5. Beautiful work...I am so envious of all this lovely crochet!....I am still promising myself to find the time to learn!
    Hope your dad is feling much better now and happy 27th birthday to your daughter...the years do pass by so quickly, don't they?
    Susan x

  6. Hello Jill,
    For the first time on your blog and I love it here. What a great idea it is to bring your crochet work to a public space. It is not common, but waiting isn't nice, so why not.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words.

  7. You've made loads of progress.

    I hope your Dad's thumb is on the mend now. I work in A and E and over the last 10 years I have seen only one person knitting there - two actually, when I think about it!

  8. Hi there glad to have found you again. Oh boy i moved from blogger too, but def agree with you, creative blog design is v limiting on typepad, i cant figure it out at all. Trouble is i'd have to create yet another blog as my original one on blogspot just stopped working, what to dooooo!!!!!
    Hope all goes well back here for you :D
    Karen x

  9. I would love to be able to knit or crochet in public but am always a bit worried that some expert knitter/crocheter will think... "what's she up to? she's doing that all wrong!" lol.

    Love your squares, very pretty :)

    Louise xx

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to find a new blogger. I love your cute dogs. I hope you don't have any more problems with blogspot, there seem to be a few niggles. Sorry, not familiar with "Tickety Boo", is that a blog?

  11. yes, I'm with you. I have a 'handbag' project (usually socks) which goes everywhere with me.

  12. Knitting, crochet, breastfeeding - all happily done in public here. Breastfeeding shocks the younger people, knitting and crochet surprises the old. Fully world isn't it?
    Love the colours in the second photo lovely and bright.

  13. Isn't ravelry great, I have found the best blogs to read from them. I am going to add you to my reading list.


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