Tuesday, 4 December 2012

We're off! Patricia gets her squares in first!

I was pleased as punch when I noticed the little
 Airmail sticker on a brown envelope... the first
 squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013
 have arrived! 

Shall we take a sneaky peak inside?

Four squares for four entries from Trish and
 a lovely little card giving me all the details.  

Here they are....

Pattern no. 35, 'Tricolour Square - P51.

Gorgeous colours Trish! 

Pattern no. 71, 'StarFlower'.  P69

The yarn Trish used is Patons Sincere.  

Pattern no. 166/167/168. P.100

Pattern no.15, 'Corner Square'. P.41
 The patterns are all from '200 Crochet Blocks' by Jan Eaton. 

Trish writes a blog called, 'Tales From Trish' 
and comes from Maryland in the United States! 

She blogs about her running, the books she 
loves and crochet...amongst many other things.

Having missed the Beautiful Blogger Blanket
 of 2012 Trish was really disappointed... 
so it is lovely to see her squares
 get here first this year! 

Thanks so much for joining in Trish!  

Four squares = four chances to win the whole 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013! 

Last year I put photos of all the squares in a folder
 on the bloggy side-bar here.  I shall do the same
 this year, but also add the pattern details
 as I go along so that the folder can be used
 as a resource for choosing patterns....so keep
 an eye out for that.

I hope you won't mind if I add a little note here: 
If anyone likes scarf yarns I am selling some 
excess stock on Ebay this week... greatly 
discounted prices here! 


  1. Hi Jill...Beautiful crochet and I know this will be another very special blanket and so inspiring..It must be such a treat to receive all this loveliness in the post...I can't wait to see it come together!
    Hope you're having a good week and thank you so much for calling by my blog today..
    Susan x

    1. Hi Susan... yep.. It just feels like getting lots and lots of extra Christmas pressies! My postman must think I am very lucky too :)x

  2. Beautiful first squares indeed. Great Job Trish. :-)

    1. They are lovely aren't they? Even better close-up! x

  3. Thank you! i'm so happy they made it to you :) I'm just so tickled you wouldn't believe.

    Thanks again! I can't wait to see all the other blocks that come in this year!

    1. Ah thanks for sending them in Trish... I'm excited too...the poor postman must wonder why I snatch the parcels out of his hands every day! x

    2. LOL :)
      i would love to witness that one day. haha.

  4. Such lovely squares to start off this journey! I'm getting on board too, but have had to order some yarn especially and am waiting for it to arrive. Fingers crossed it comes today!
    xXx Helen

    1. Yay that's good news Helen... and you get to buy yarn too.. must be a good thing! :)x

  5. Oh what gorgeous squares, wonderful bright colours.

    1. They are just the right kind of bright Shelley... not dazzling, but enough to make my eyes shine :)x

  6. How exciting!!!! I cant wait to see them all rolling in!

    1. Me too...me too... Love Maia's little shrug on your blog today Janette! x

  7. I loved watching last years blanket grow ... will keep tuned :D

  8. Gorgeous squares! Well done to Patricia!

  9. Hi Jill, I have finished my squares and would love to post them, but I have no address, I have emailed and sent a text, am I using the incorrect contact details?

    1. All sent now Cheryl... sorry! Hugs, Jill x

  10. Hi, we'll here we go then! I'm really hoping to make some as I've started crocheting and feel I'm coming on. I'll have to read up on what you need and start in the new year! Oh yeah! Joan

    1. Yay! Come on Joan...you can do it... they don't have to be fine or fancy... or multi-coloured and sparkly... just do your best :) Hugs, Jill x

  11. Hi, Stocki! Does everyone call you Stocki? Lizzy is my nickname, the kids (young adults!!) call me Liz! Yes we are matched up for the hearts swap! Have done a couple of swaps for Christmas and enjoyed them. Hopefully this one will be just as good. Lizzy


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