Monday, 28 January 2013

Phew! I'm here again...

I have a lot of catching up to do... 

Your squares have been happily plopping through
my postbox and yesterday there was finally enough
sun to take some photos... I am going to post one 
persons squares every day now until they are all up.  

Who shall we start with?

Cheryl of Creating Chezabee

These squares arrived just before Christmas... 
Cheryl actually sent an extra square because 
she lost the first one she made, made another 
one....and then found the first one down the 
side of the sofa!  She has kindly sent it anyway. 

Cheryl has also just blogged about the squares here.

Square 1: Pattern from The Lazy Hobby Hopper blog

I had never seen this blog and it is a lovely little 
discovery... thanks Cheryl! 

Square 2: Pattern from Priscilla's Crochet 

Square 3: Inspired from a pattern found on Rosehip
(but slightly altered by Cheryl)

Square 4: Cheryl's own pattern.

Square 5: Is the same as Square 2.

Cheryl comes from Hampshire in the UK.  
They are gorgeous aren't they? I love the colours... 

Cheryl hasn't said which yarn she used... 
can you let us know please Cheryl? 

So 4 entries to win the whole 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013 
go to Cheryl... 


Yesterday was a good day for me as I finally opened an 
Etsy shop called Stocki.  This has been a long time in the making..
especially gathering enough work to sell all in one place.

Please do pop over and have a look at the handmade items that 
I have for sale there... I will also be selling some
 yarns there, and plan to add to the stock every week. 
There is also a permanent link on the right side-bar
 of this blog to help you.

Hugs, Jill x


  1. Oooh yes, new squares every day now, I'm looking forward to the next days! Cheryl's squares are beautiful and somewhat unique - you don't see these patterns every day! (Okay, at least I don't... *gg*)

    1. I'm excited too now that I have some time to get the squares posted! I especially love the 4th square that Cheryl designed herself...I hope she posts the pattern on her blog :)x

  2. these blocks are beautiful! i love her colors and the designs!

    trish @ tales from ...

    1. And they blend beautifully with your Trish... it's going to be a gorgeous blanket! x

  3. Wow, gorgeous squares. Might have to try those myself. I just so happen to be making a blanket right now. ;-)

  4. What beautiful squares, can't wait to see the others :)

    1. Your own beauties are coming up tomorrow Linda! x

  5. Great to see you back, Jill. All the squares are so beautiful and colorful!!!

  6. Lovely squares, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. I ended up not being able to participate this year AGAIN! I bought some yarn but I don't like the way it crochets into squares, so I am using it for something else. And I moved house too so there was no time or money to buy new yarn. :(
    xXx Helen

  7. They are absolutely gorgeous. I haven't started on mine yet .... When's the deadline? I'm afraid that mine will be much more basic Han thes. I really haven't progressed to many fancy stitchesv yet! Good luck with your Etsy shop and well one! Joan

  8. Gorgeous colors for beautiful squares !
    Have a nice day !

  9. Great idea JIll, every day new squares! Those of today are wonderfully colored!

  10. What a lovely colourful opening picture! Great squares, I like the sunflower, so cheery!

    I have made three, need to finish the fourth, nothing like cutting it fine eh!

    Well done me dear on setting up your shop, so pleased for you, I'm going to take a peek now......have you started taking the necessary pills to even contemplate all that sewing together?! X

  11. well chosen colours and beautifully made! I also favour the sunflower one..

  12. Welcome back, I cant wait t see more squares... and go and check out your shop! Jxx

  13. wonderfully colourful squares!
    i will pop by and check out your etsy store im thinking of opening one myself.
    well done x


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