Saturday, 4 June 2011

What an inspiring morning!

I have just spent a few hours reading some fantastic inspiring blogs thanks to a blog called
'Le Monde De Sucrette' ...I have followed her entries for a while but noticed that she had received a Kreativ Blogger Award...and then she in turn gave it to other sites that she I followed all the links and found some fantasitic inspiration!  I am about to add some of them to my favourite blog lists so be sure to have a look if you want a lovely few hours reading in the garden on a sunny morning!
p.s:  I put the pattern for Wendy Bag made from Katia Paper on Folksy last night :)


  1. Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment ! I'm discovering your blog and I'll return for sure ;)
    Have a great sunday!

  2. Hi found your blog through Lemondedesucrette, thanks for adding me to your list, love the bag, will def drop back & keep up with your blog
    blessing Karen


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