Sunday, 12 June 2011

Knitting in the family,,,

My Mum is now 86..and was getting bored.  My Dad is disabled and Mum has become his carer, so I suggested she take up knitting again.  We needed something simple and found my Great Auntie-Flo's coat hangers... Flo was registered blind but she knitted a lot.. mostly coathangers out of recycled yarn which, as far as I remember was made of torn up nighties! Here are a few that survive... probably made about 40 years ago when Flo was about 70....

and so Mum rediscovered her love of knitting... and here are some of her coat hangers....

so remember to teach your daughters to knit... I'll post some of my hangers on here soon... 3 generations!


  1. What lovely heirlooms and how nice that your mom has rediscovered the joys of knitting! Very special.

  2. Thanks Josie... Mum was quite cross with me today when I told her she was famous... she said, "But I'm 87 - not 86"!! :)

  3. These hangers looks fabulous , I just love them all. Simple knitting has added beauty to them. Thinking to knit my hangers too according to the priority.


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