Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's been a while...

How on earth did so many weeks go by since I last blogged? Life is just whizzing by... I pick hubby up from the airport on a Friday, take him back to the airport on Sunday.. and in between life just - disappears.  

I have been keeping up with my one-a-day... I love doing it, could probably make a square with my eyes closed, and am really enjoying the sewn-up effect.  This project comes with me everywhere... it has done thousands of miles up and down (more like side to side) the country, and has spent many hours in hospital waiting rooms with Mum & Dad. 

It is becoming my comfort blanket... I actually don't want to finish it, so when my daughter said she wanted it to be king-sized I was secretly delighted! I don't think it will go that far though..the cotton would cost a fortune!  Anyway, here it is this afternoon, sunning itself in Dad's garden...

See that beautiful Japanese Maple turning the kind of autumnal red that takes your breath away?

Phew...64 squares all sewn up, and 5 more ready to go.. so 69 altogether.  I'm ahead of myself... I could have a couple of days off... but you know how it is... oh my goodness, you can't be addicted to a blanket can you?!

Behind the blanket, is my Dad's garden.. actually Mum & Dad's garden, but I always think of it as Dad's garden as he used to spend all day every day out there loving it into perfection.. it is immaculate.  Now though Dad can't spend much time out there... and Mum has become chief gardener... with help from family to mow the lawn, the garden is still immaculate.... it scares me that it might not be one day.....my Dad is 88, my Mum is 87... life is precious. 

Don't miss the wonderful progress going on in the 'One-a-day' challenge over at Gingerbreadgirl's blog......


  1. Wow your blanket is just stunning! As a keen gardener myself I have to say what a gorgeous garden, it looks like years of hard work has gone into creating it. I hope you folks are ok.

  2. It's looking gorgeous, well done!

    Your Mum and Dad's garden is beautiful, I hope they continue to enjoy it even if they can't devote as much time and energy to it as they once did.

  3. Your blanket is looking wonderful, and yes you can become addicted!!

    Your parents garden is gorgeous, it must take many man-hours to maintain what your Dad created.

  4. What a lovely post, that maple is stunning and so is your beautiful blanket. I wish my garden was a fifth as neat and cared for as this one.

  5. Your blanket looks gorgeous, you can see such a difference in your blocked and my unblocked squares.....ah well, maybe I'll attempt a little at the end.....or not!

    Your parents garden is lovely, still so much colour in it too.....obviously been planned and loved well.

    I'm amazed I misscounted my squares, but I guess it proves the point I made a couple of weeks ago that my 7 and 8 times tables are not so hot ;-)

  6. Your blanket is amazing.... I love it ! Never see this pattern...

  7. Your blanket is wonderful...so much love, time and energy in there!....and your parents garden looks such a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary...I love it...
    Susan x

  8. Stunning afghan!!! And what a nice garden you have - when I see pictures like these, I really miss having a garden (and a balcony instead!).

  9. Thank you for the lovely comments about my granny ripple and yes you can get addicted to a blanket it happens to me every time I make one lol I love your blanket, it's beautiful as is your parents garden so neat and tidy mine is wild and in need of a great deal of attention at the moment, I will get around to it just waiting for some dry weather. :)

  10. Your Mum and Dad's garden is so pretty and you're absolutely right about the colour of the Japanese Maple ...breathtaking!

    Your blanket is just beautiful too!...and thank you very much for your lovely comments on my post today!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

    Louise xx


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