Friday, 30 December 2011

Tidying up the ends before the end of the year... Part One

There are a few things I should be blogging about before the New year begins... First of all on December 16th I promised that I would blog about the rest of my advent pressies from Madison Makes... and since then there hasn't been a minute to even think about it... so today I am catching up before the new year begins to sweep away the old... 

Here are the other presents that Madison sent me for my advent swap...

Gorgeous little soaps

A Christmas votive..

Hearts to hang on the tree

Beautiful little nightlight candles in the shapes of flowers

A vintage glass jug

A vintage glass footed bowl in beautiful blue

A notebook with handmade cover

A book on knitting in the pub.. 

Lovely smellies

Look at the pattern in this vintage glass bowl...

This is just gorgeous...little angels dancing in the candle light...

A floral pomander...and lovely memories of smelling my Nan's one which was similar...

and a hand knitted little sweet to hang on the tree for now...and on a door handle after Christmas..

THANK YOU MADISON... I have loved opening all of my advent presents...
 it made Christmas just that little bit more special for me....
I do hope you enjoyed opening yours too... x


  1. Oh my word, all that wonderful vintage glass, and the flower soaps ... so much loveliness. Lucky, lucky you :D

  2. Happy New Year ! Hope you'll have a 2012 full of health, joy and beautiful things to show us !

  3. Wow! You got some wonderful treasures there.

  4. What beautiful gifts :-)

  5. Glad you likes your little gifts Jill. I've been on a blog break, coping with my In Law visit and the insane mountain of toys the Wee Man got. I'm going to post pics of the rest of my swap soon.

    Thank you so much for them, they really, really made me smile each and every day. Though the Wee Man decided it was his job to open them(!)

    Thank you...Madison xxx


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