Friday, 16 December 2011

Wait for meeeeeee....... I'm late for everything this week!

It's Friday already and I haven't done Tuesday's Tallies at Gingerbread Girl !

Nor have I blogged even once about the beautiful Advent Swap presents that I have been opening daily from lovely Madison at Madison Makes.  I haven't even had time to update you on the progress of the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012! 

SO.... Tuesday's Tallies... everyone else in the One-A-Day project seems to be in various states of getting behind, so at least I can feel that I am in good company there...For the record I now have 100 squares...and should have had 104 on Tuesday, so not so far behind.

The Advent Swap - Organised by Lynda at Hookinwithlaalaa ... I am so glad that I chose to join in with this swap... Madison has sent me so many lovely presents.  It all started with the big box that arrived...

It was all I could do not to start opening them all immediately.. after all, who would know?? But I decided to put the naughty girl in me to bed and open them daily.  Madison organised it like a 'lucky dip' box so that I could just chose one a day.  

The first 5 days went so fast the I didn't have a moment to show you the pressies... but here they are....

Ahem... sing along ladies......

On the first day of Christmas Madison sent to me... One huge ball  of DK 
(beautiful colour Madison).

On the second day of Christmas Madison sent to me... One ball of red mohair wool (are you surprised that I opened the squashy 'yarny' type pressies first?!)

On the third day of Christmas Madison sent to me... A lovely vintage glass vase!  (You've been reading my blog Madison... I swoon at the sight of vintage glass and this little vase is beautiful)!

On the Fourth day of Christmas Madison sent to me..... a hand sewn strawberry (which smells beautiful).

On the fifth day of Christmas Madison gave to me.... (I know it should be 5 gold rings, but it is...) a hand made felt Christmas tree with little button decorations which is hanging in pride of place on my dining room mirror now....

Breathe!  Aren't I lucky?  

If you haven't heard of Madison you should pop over to her blog Madison Makes ... Madison has a slight ( I'm sure she won't mind me telling you) passion for vintage china cups and saucers... she has a fantastic collection! She also loves to scour car boot sales for beautiful vintage finds... and has blogged about many of them.... 

I'll show you the next few pressies tomorrow.

On the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 front I have been sending out my postal address and happen to know that squares are battling their way through the Christmas post to me right now!  I can't wait to see them... 

Lovely Shelley from has sent me her squares and they will probably be the first to arrive.  

Carole of Gingerbread Girl blogged about the square she is making here..... I was so excited to see it.... and I think you will agree that it is gorgeous! 

Thank you so much to those of you who have posted the Beautiful Blogger Blanket button on your blog and encouraged others to join in. It warms my heart to see it popping up everywhere.  

Okay.... IT'S FRIDAY!! I know many of you will be at the front end of the Christmas holidays with your children at home (oh I remember it so well)..have fun...make the most of every are making your children's memories NOW - so make them good ones xxx


  1. I blogged about the squares I am sending too, I just need to email you for details on where to send. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I know how busy you are, but want to make sure you know how much we all love your blog. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Great Advent Swap goodies - I would have picked the squishy parcels first too!

  3. I am seriously tempted to make a square to send you too! Not sure when I'll get a chance, but if I do I'll blog it and then ask for your details...Such a lovely idea :)

  4. I'm loving your one-a-day project's very inspiring. What fab goodies you're receiving too! It's lovely having a little treat each day isn't it :D

    Have a great weekend x

    Jo x x

  5. That blanket is absolutely gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the colour.
    Fabulous advent goodies too. I must be more organised and partake in something similar next year!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I have not been online much myself this week so just now beginning to catch up with a few posts. The blanket is looking gorgeous and how lucky are you with "one a day " presents. What a lovely idea! The "little vase" you have there looks a lot like a Turkish tea glass. We have a couple of sets here. I look forward to seeing what else you unwrap. Such fun!

    Hugs xox

  7. You lucky lucky girl to have such beautiful gifts to open every day! What a fab idea. I've been trying to add the Beautiful Blogger Blanket button to my blog but it's not happening I'm afraid. Can you tell me how to do it please? I'm new to blogging and am still trying to get used to everything!!! Thanks so much. x

  8. Your blanket is looking amazing!! Such detail and the colour is very calming :)

    ...and what lovely gifts to open on the run up to Christmas, you must be super excited when you get up each morning...I know I would be!

    Merry Christmas to you !!
    Louise xxx

  9. Your white blanket is almost shocking, I mean it is so beautiful!

  10. Nice visit to your blog...
    Have a nice week-end.

  11. lucky you what wonderful presents in your advent swap. I still can't decide what square to make. There are just so many wonderful patterns when I finally think I've made a decision I find another dozen I want to make hehe. Merry Christmas. xx

  12. Jill x I wanted to email you but can't find your email address here so I tought I'd post a comment instead! I just wanted to thank you so so much for your lovely comment on my blog this evening x I've been a bit down this week for several reasons and your kind words were such a boost & restored some faith... thank you for taking the time to write it. I mean that sincerely as well x

    Have a lovely weekend x

    Jo Jo x x x

  13. Such a lovely post, your blanket is looking amazing (so delicate), how lucky are you with your gifts... Im extremely jealous! I will send you a square I promise... Im just going to get over Christmas and the last few crochet things I want to get done first. Jxx

  14. I'm completely behind too! I love your blanket - it's just perfect!

    Now off to check out all the Blogger Blanket links!


  15. Hahaha I actually sang along to that...! Wow your first 5 presents are awesome :-) That purple yarns really lovely. I've not used that colour but I've used the same brand & I liked it a lot, it lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

  16. Hello
    I was just wondering, did you say that all squares need to be in cotton because I have some cotton / bamboo mix to use up? I don't mind not using it if them's the rules but I just thought I'd check before I go and buy more (like that's a hardship....)

  17. Your crochet blanket is looking wonderful Jill...and what fun opening your lovely advent swap gifts each day (I'm full of admiration for controlling the naughty girl in you too!)
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas,
    Susan x

  18. Merry Christmas to you and your family Stocki!
    May all your wishes come true this year :)

  19. Wishing you a very merry Christmas with your family Jill. Thanks for always stopping by and for your lovely comments they are really appreciated! Janette xxx

  20. Love the blanket and you got such nice swap presents. You participated in my giveaway and the bad news is, that you didn't won. The good news is, the cloudy day legwarmers pattern is a free pattern from TOK so you can download it yourself for free. Just wanted to let you know that :-). Have a merry Christmas.

  21. Merry Christmas! I have awarded you a blog award:

    Thank you for your lovely posts and comments. X


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