Thursday, 31 January 2013

South African squares for the BBB2013!

Last year we had squares from South Africa
 from Laura of My House in Africa

This year Christelle of Haak-en-Sikie
 has sent us 2 gorgeous little squares to 
keep South Africa in the running! 

Apparently Christelle was on holiday
 in Austria when she sent her squares.. 
Do you think she was organised enough 
to make them in SA and take them on 
holiday with her... or did she make them 
in Austria? 

Both squares are from a pattern called, 
'Ingrid tea Cosy' which is on Christelle's
 friend's blog I Love Pom-poms... 

Another beautiful blog to discover too!

The yarn Christelle has used is from a 
locally produced cotton called 'Vinnis'.  

How I wish there was a locally produced 
yarn in Oxford, UK! The top square is made
 with Vinnis Nikkim and the bottom one
 is made using Vinnis Serina which is an
 organic bamboo.
Cover Photo
Ons Hekel's profile picture - A wonderful ripple
Christelle also hosts a crochet group on 
They make some amazing crochet articles. 
There are 946 members! 

Thank you so much for joining in with the 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013 
Christelle, you have 2 entries! 


The countries from which we have
 had squares for the BBB2013 so far are:

South Africa
The Netherlands
The U.S.A

Send me up to 4 squares by 
February 14th 2013 and get 
your country on the map! 

A small note from me:  I have listed 10 balls

 of scarf yarn (the one ball makes one scarf 
type) on Ebay UK.. the auctions end in three days
 and they are all starting at 99p... go get yourself  
a bargain! I sell as oxfordglass.

Hugs,  Jill x


  1. Pretty squares with the colours of nature.

  2. Ha ha!!! I made them at home, but realised I might not make it to the post office before we leave on holiday :-)
    Looking forward to see your final blanket.

    1. Lovely organisation Christelle! Thanks for joining in...and good luck :) x

  3. I'm so glad to see that the date has been extended :) I've just made a square and will get it off to you! I'm sending it from Spain but it should reach you for Valentine's day no problem :) xx

    1. Ooo that will put Spain on my list of countries that have sent Elisabeth! Thanks :)x

  4. mazing colours. the bbc2013 is going to be amazing :)

    1. It is Shelley... such lovely work coming in :)x


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