Monday, 4 February 2013

'Greetings from K- town'!

I'm sure everyone will know of Barbara, 
whose brilliant blog is Made-in-k-town

I have long been a follower of 'k-town' 
and am always amazed by Barbara's work
... neat and colourful, but never gaudy. 

In her blog, Barbara has  given us patterns 
and tutorials for (amongst others)....
                                                             The Little Spring Mandala 
The Spiral Coaster / Potholder

Barbara was also the instigator of the 
'Beyond The Square' challenge, which 
was to make 100 (Barbara's personal 
challenge) of the squares from the book, 
'Beyond the Square' by Edie Eckman.  

I sadly failed dismally in my challenge, 
(but still plan to continue).  If you want
 to see the beautiful entries in the gallery
 on Barbara's blog, take a peek here. 

Barbara is currently doing a project called,
 'Meet in k-town' in which she interviews
 blog writers that she follows.  
If you want to read the 3 she has 
interviewed so far, hop over here.

So many lovely things to see and read
 over at Made-in-K-town...and now 
Barbara has sent us 3 amazing squares 
for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013! 

Barbara's squares 1
All three are crocheted using a pattern  
which Barbara has adapted from the 
African Flower pattern - she will  
post the pattern on her blog for us soon. 

Does anyone know who wrote the 
original African Flower pattern? 

Edited to add:  Answer is in the comments section below -
 (I'll leave it there in case you want to test yourself)!

Barbara's squares 2
Barbara hasn't said which yarn she has 
used... I'm sure she will let us know. 

Edited to add: Barbara used Rico Essentials Cotton DK

Barbara's squares 3

Thanks so much for joining in Barbara...
you have 3 chances to win the completed
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013!


  1. Love this blocks and I love Barbara's blog!

  2. as always I'm totally overwhelmed by the lovely squares that others make! I think it's going to be an extra special blanket the year...judging by the squares that you've shown!! Well done. Joan

    1. I totally agree with you Joan... it is going to be VERY special! x

  3. Hi, I commented before but seem to have lost it!! If you get 2that's why!! I just love all the lovely squares htat you're showing. I think it's going to be an extra special blanket this year!! Joan

  4. Anita Rossouw and Lounette Fourie of the South African women's magazine "Sarie" re-published it, although it was also known years before.

    1. Ah thanks Stel.. I tried to trace it back through Pinterest and Ravelry but drew a blank... I should have guessed that it was on old one x

  5. Beautiful squares from Barbara, I love her blog too :)

    1. Hi LInda... they are even better up close! Such neatness! x

  6. Hi Jill!

    Wow, thanks for your kind words about my blog! It was one of those moments when you look over your shoulder to the left and to the right, thinking "what? is she really talking about ME?" *lol*
    I've only discovered the source of the African Flower Hexagon just recently, Stel is right: on the Ravelry pattern page they name Anita Rossouw and Lounette Fourie as designers:

    Oh, and the yarn I've used is Rico Essentials Cotton DK.
    I'll write a post about the squares, soon!

    Have a nice evening, and thank you everybody for your nice comments about my squares! :)

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the African Flower pattern and the yarn Barbara.. Your blog is very popular...and deservedly so! Thanks so much for joining in with the BBB2013.. Good luck with the draw! Hugs, Jill x

  7. oh those squares are crocheted perfection! lush lush lush

  8. love the projects and designs. I am following her blog too and love it!

  9. Lovely post about Barbara's work and blog and I love her squares!

  10. I need to get a move on and get some squares in the post! (I'll read the 'rules' first this time!)
    Like your new banner. Now, off to check this Barbara out....feed the addiction!
    fee x

  11. I love Barbara work as well. I just found your lovely blog via Instagram. Mine is

  12. Beautiful squares, barbara's work is always so fine and the colours so well chosen.


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