Friday, 4 November 2011

Down Came The Rain (Mister Murray)

I don't usually post music links, in fact I never have before... but for everyone in the UK today... and anywhere else if it is raining there... 

(listen past the first 10 seconds for the full effect)...

And if you still need a smile pop over to Jenny Arnott Textiles: Giveaway time!: Jenny is giving away some lovely Christmas goodies to celebrate her new Etsy shop. You have until Sunday 13th November x


  1. It's raining here Portugal... but tomorrow we'll have sunshine
    an other song for you : enya listen to the rain
    Have a cozy weekend.

  2. Hello Stocki

    Thank you for the kind comment about my embroidered linen bunnies. Macavitycat has asked to purchase both bunnies and would like a couple more. I have also had an email from another lady who would like one so yes I will be making some more (embroidered linen allowing). I will post pictures on my blog and upload the bunnies to my Folksy shop as soon as they are ready, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
    Right, I'm going to listen to your snippet of rainy day music now.
    love Fi x

  3. Hi Jill! Thanks for visiting Apples and Pears and leaving a lovely comment...and for introducing me to your corner of blogland! xx

  4. I listened to this while it was raining the other day... it brightened my day! I thought Id left a comment but obviously didnt (losing my mind!)it looks like it could rain again today, so Id better stopping day dreaming and go get the washing in!!!


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