Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Let's hope today isn't groundhog day!

Only a very quick update for Gingerbread Girl' s Tuesday's Tallies today, 
with a photo that looks like it was taken on a Box Brownie! 
86 squares...

Sorry- it's dark outside already and this day has been one of those you prefer not to repeat - 
I didn't get a job I wanted, and my little poodle, Molly, has gone into the vets for big surgery ...

Crochet therapy is much needed... and that is all I plan to do this evening... 
so on with the slippers, the tea is in the pot, and I am off to hooky-land... 
I'll be back with better photos I promise....


  1. I'm so sorry you've had a bad day. I'm having no luck in my job hunts either so I can totally sympathise with that and it is horrible when our canine pals are poorly. Your blanket is looking as lovely as ever. I hope that you have a peaceful and calming evening of crochet. X

  2. Sorry about the job :-( I always say it's their loss and something better will probably come along & you'll be glad this one didn't work out :-)

    Your blocks are coming along so well! Better than me (I've stopped!!)

  3. Better days will come, you'll see...
    Hope and smile !

  4. Oh no about the job thats not good, I hope Molly is going to be ok. I hope the crochet therapy helps. Love the photo with the pins those little pin heads look too cute. xx

  5. Oh bless you....their loss on the job front and I do hope little Molly's surgery goes well, she recovers quickly and she's home soon!

    Your blanket even in the dark looks great, your daughter is very lucky.

    Have a good week, it is not groundhog day today and tomorrow is going to be sooooo much better!

  6. I applied for a job I really really wanted on a Friday in September, interview and all. I didn't get it, but that very next Monday I was offered a better job out of the blue.
    Something better will come along. I hope Molly is better soon.

  7. Well its their loss, Im sure you would have been great (it wasnt photography was it cause you've got some serious talent there!!! Im loving those two close up photos today. Im sure something great will turn up! Jxx

  8. I hope Molly is soon on the mend and your crochet therapy helped to take your mind of things.
    Your blanket is gorgeous, and its their loss not having you in their company!!
    Hope today is a better day x

  9. So sorry to hear about your job and hopefully Molly will be better soon. Love your blanket and photos, you are so talented!!

  10. Hi Jill and thank you for dropping by at my little 'crafte nook' i do love hearing from other new bloggers, so sad to hear about your cruddy day, lifes just like that sometimes isn't it, and i am sending warming pixie thoughts to Molly......i have a cat called Molly, and she had to have a big operation several years ago, she had been hit my a car and we found her nearly dead in the car park....but she got all better and is now 12 years old......take care Pixie x

  11. Hello Jill...Sorry to hear about the job and I hope little Molly is feeling much better soon...
    Your blanket is coming along wonderfully but these dark days are so frustrating, aren't they?
    Enjoy your hooky time,
    Susan x

  12. I'm sorry you didnt get the job and I hope Molly is ok. Your blanket is beautiful, I hope it makes you feel a little better.


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