Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I did it... finally!

Well this may seem  like a tiny, insignificant achievement to those 
hook worn Crochet Masters amongst you... but I just made a 
chainless foundation row!  
Hurrah for me! You have no idea how much this small challenge has been annoying me - chainless faoundations are popping up in all kinds of patterns.. but thanks to Lazytcrochet and her simple explanation, I have done it... 
Here is proof:

and guess what?  It is easy peasy lemon squeesy!  


  1. Well done you! I only learnt to do it a couple of months ago when I did the heel on a sock. I must admit, any new skills I learn are soon forgotten unless I always use them, so it would be a good idea to use it more often. I reckon for starting crocheters it is probably easier to learn this than to make the first row in the chain which can make some people all fingers and thumbs!

    Love your flower pins, they would make me want to block!

  2. Well done! I remember my first efforts very well - there'll be no stopping you now.

  3. Do you know I don't think I've ever done a chainless foundation row. Well done you!

    Just to let you know new bunnies are now in my Folksy shop if you are still interested sweetie.

    love Fi x

  4. Well done you! It's always good to learn new skills.

  5. I had a look, but couldn't find her article...

  6. Hi Pearly Queen... if you click on the words "simple explanation" you should open the link to the right page... I just made the words green to be clearer xx

  7. Isn't it great Jill when you master something that you have been unable to get your head around?...I love that all looks very impressive to me!
    Susan x

  8. Well done, its not insignificant. I love it when things you keep trying fall in to place, makes me want to do a little dance around the room!!
    Love your posh pins, very cute.

  9. Impressive, I've not learned to do this, I guess I should give it a go....

  10. Hi, thank you for your comment on my blog. I have joined the 'one a day' group on Ravelry and will definitely use that to sour me along with my wrap. What are you called on Rav? I'm laalaa on there too. Come and have a look at my makes. X

  11. I have never tried it. Will have to give it a go too! :-)

  12. Yes, you have to love the chainless foundation chain!! Thanks for popping by my blog, lovely to have your comments. I didn't have your email to answer questions, so I'll reply here. Hope that's ok!

    For the socks I used a 80cm long circular, I much prefer it to dpn's personally, so I'd recommend giving it a go to see if it works for you.

    As for the diagonal stitch, the beginning couple of rows are a little fiddly but I found it really quite enjoyable actually once I got going. It certainly would make a lovely blanket and I think it'd make up as quick as any other kind of stripy pattern. Just depends on colours changes and how many ends you want to sew in - but doesn't it always!!

    S x


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