Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One-a-day Tuesday Tallies - Week 11?

I'm getting confused...I think this is Tuesday Tallies Week 11 on the One-a-day project... time is flying far too fast! I am usually late for the tally, but this week I am determined to be on time....My current tally is 81 squares for my Sunny Spread... I should have 76, so obviously I am still a bit too keen....now I have sewn up a big square, a middle-sized square and a baby square...
it sounds like a Goldilocks episode.  

I think I am going to aim for 4 of the big squares sewn together to achieve anywhere near the size my daughter would like... I know I'll have to stop somewhere... so I will aim for a total of 256 squares, minus the 81 I have already...oh my goodness that is another 175 to make.... if I continue making one a day I would finish on 21st May 2012!  Oh wait... the border..  I think the 'Ta-Dah' will be sometime in June 2012.  Phew... 

I have been busy looking for presents to go in the Advent Swap over at Lynda's blog: Hookinwithlaalaa... I have been paired up with Madison from Madison Makes.   I think I have 20 gifts ready to go... of course I can't show you any of them as it will spoil the surprise.. I'll give you a little peak at the one I was working on yesterday...

The idea is that I send Madison little 24 presents - one to be opened each day of Advent... and she sends me the same... It's a lovely idea isn't it.. a little bit of 'something for me' in amongst the Christmas preparations... I'm getting excited!  It is harder than I thought though...choosing presents for someone you have ever met... 

Last Saturday Hubby & I went to Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham, which is near Bury St. Edmunds.  There is a huge barn full of craft stalls.. including jewellery, china, prints, wood carving, metal work, textile art.. oh and my absolute favourite of the day.. Herbert.  Okay, this is Herbert...

Isn't he gorgeous! He was made by a lovely lady sculptor called Sally Dunham.  You should see the antics Herbert gets up to... rock climbing, shelf sitting, reading and of course...cuddling! My little Herbert has angel wings for Christmas... and the reason I find him so funny is that he reminds me of my hubby... Hmmm... must be that bald head!

Happy Tuesday everyone.. 
Don't forget to check out everyone else's progress in the One-a-Day group at Carole's blog:  Gingerbreadgirl


  1. fab progress on your sunny blanket :) advent swap sounds like a lovely idea too.

  2. How great is Herbert, I love his expression.
    Your sunny spread is wonderful, the picture with the light coming through really shows the detail in it.
    I love the idea of the advent swap but think I would really worry about picking things for someone I hadn't met. I'm so indecisive!!! Can't wait to see what you've sent when you can reveal!!!

  3. Hi!
    Your Sunny Spread is coming along nicely. Herbert is very cute! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Your sunny spread is beautiful, with light coming through it looks so pretty.

    I regret now not signing up for the swap.....I spent ages umming and ahhhing ah well, I do have too much on already.

    The craft fayre sounded great, and Herbert is lovely!

  5. Wowzers! What a pretty sunny spread. It's classic and vintage and just timeless.
    24 little gifts? Aren't you hardcore! You go!

  6. It's so pretty, the finish will come quicker than you think. xx

  7. Mind-blowing. All those squares! They're very beautiful. I wish I could go to that barn place. Sounds like heaven.

  8. Doesnt your sunny spread look amazing with the light showing through it, I love the second photo- you could do some awesome photography showing bits of things behind. Anyhoo...I get a bit carried away with good photos! I cant believe you are making 25 gifts, are they all teensy? Otherwise Id have to start this year for next Christmas (2012). Jxx

  9. Your Sunshine Spread is beautiful. Your daughter is very lucky. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  10. Just love ti blanket and I really do think it looks really effective with just one colour.

    Love the sound of your advent swop, lovely to have a little something for you when all you seem to do is run around everyone else even more than usual.


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