Friday, 11 November 2011

A smile, an 'Oooo' and a competition link

A lovely bloggy update popped into my Google reader this morning which made me giggle on this otherwise sad Armistice day... have you seen Crafts From The Cwtch yet? 

Sarah's sense of humour must be similar to mine, because her update today made me giggle so much! Go and meet 'Pixie Moon' there and see if she doesn't make you smile too? I'm sure Sarah won't mind me giving you a little peak to encourage you...

Whilst on Pinterest last night I found something that made me say, "Oooo" outload... sparking raised eyebrows from the Hubby...


This is Newspaper Yarn! I have seen paper yarns before, and love working with Katia Paper, but this article by Doug Gunzleman from the website, Green Upgrader at introduces Greetje van Tiem's tutorial: 

"With enough time, patience, and newspapers you can create newspaper yarn. From the design studios of Greetje van Tiem and her “Indruk” project she can purportedly spins 20yds of “yarn” from a sheet of old newspaper".

It looks easy! I'm dying to have a go... just need a spinner tool.......

There is space for 20 entrants in all and there are only 3 stitches involved! 
You need to sign up by December 10th... 

I'm in :)x


  1. Ohh I love the idea of newspaper yarn too, Id love to give that a go (and yes I love Pixie Moon too- she is just beautiful!). Jxx

  2. Thank you Stocki! :) Nice that you join the contest:)

  3. Dear Stocki,
    I need your mail to send you the pattern of the shawl.
    Thank you for your kind comments.

  4. Love, love, LOVE the newspaper yarn!!


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