Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Deb sent us amazing squares from A World of Imagination

You have surely seen Deb's blog - 
Deb is an incredibly talented crafter.  She designs 
and makes beautiful cards, does scrap-booking 
and finds time to crochet!  
Look at the gorgeous card Deb made and sent...

Deb sent me a lovely little package of squares, 
which included a set of buttons... not just any buttons... these are made of lovely scented soap! 

Have a peak at the edges of the squares.... 

The patterns are all from the book that many of
you have used to make your squares for the BBB 2012.... '200 Crochet Blocks' by Jan Eaton.

The first square (#16 - Waterlilly) 
Oh my goodness - how lovely! 

The second square #17 - Alternate Bobbles.

 The third square is #172 - Interlocking Stripes.

Deb says that this fourth square was her own 
design, made by just using a variety of stitches.
I love these colours together.

Thanks for joining in with the BBB 2012 Deb!
.... and thanks for the card and soaps x


  1. You are welcome, it was such a fun thing to do. Thanks for organizing

    1. Thanks for joining in Deb...hopefully you will again next year :)x

  2. Beautiful....always...

  3. What wonderful squares! I love them all, especially Deb's own design, marvellous, it makes me want to do some squares of my own, because I have that book by Jan Eaton myself, it's a great book isn't it. Vanessa xxx

    1. Hi Vanessa...yep, it is a great book... one of my pile of favourites that I pour over to give me inspiration! :)x

  4. I have so loved seeing what each person has created, no two squares are alike... its just beautiful! You absolutely have to do this again next year :) Jxx

    1. has been great fun Janette...and such an honor to see everyone's squares up close... I can't wait for BBB 2013! :)x

  5. Love all your posts and to see every single square! Are serious about the BBB 2013?

    1. Thanks Elisabeth... yes I am serious about doing it all again next year... I might set a few more rules about size though.. sewing all kinds of sizes/ tensions together is a bit of a nightmare! :)x

    2. Hello Jill!
      That surely must be a nightmare...:( I am sooooo curious about how the blanket will look like! Wish you luck and I am happy about your plans for a BBB 2013.

  6. more totally beautiful squares. The blanket will look amazing with the addition of these.

  7. so incredibly sorry I missed out this year,joined today! If you have any plans to do this again,or would like a donation,please let me know. Are you planning to make a book of these patterns-I would adore to have it! It gives me chills(in a good way) to see so many people join hands and needles to do this wonderful thing..makes me feel so connected to the world,and I didn't even do anything...please,please,please keep me posted!


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