Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fee from Chipper Nelly

The lovely Fee from Chipper Nelly is so creative, 
and is currently holding an inquest into the death 
of a favourite chicken on her blog .. 

Even Fee's labels were gorgeous! 

Shhh... let's take a sneaky peak...

Fee blogged about her squares here.... 
You will probably be surprised to hear that she 
hasn't been crocheting for very long!

Fee hasn't told me which pattern she used... 
can you let me know please Fee then I will 
update this post....ta! 
(updated to add - Fee let me know that this pattern is from a 
lovely website which is new to me here...)

The second square has an appliqued crochet 
heart hand sewn onto it... so pretty! 
(Edited to add... The pattern is from here  - Thanks Fee!)

Fee used Debbie Bliss Eco yarn to make both squares... I love her sense of colour... the combinations are scrumptious...

Fee sells her gorgeous vintage designs blocks at 

Thanks so much for taking part in the BBB 2012 Fee.

ps:  Free the wasn't him!
(edited to add... apparently the pig was LOCKED IN with the chicken.. the case may be a foregone conclusion....gulp!)


  1. Simply gorgeous! I'm going to have a look into the inquest before I back the free the pig campaign :-)

  2. Nice post, Jill:) Lovely squares!

  3. Beatitul Post!

    Granny lovely heart -.- -.


  4. That made me laugh out loud. Your pig comments over at mine made me chuckle too - and I feel your pain at the weight of blame being placed on that piglet....but she ate the chicken. That's all there is to it. Very, very naughty of her.
    Now, I'm struggling to find the patterns I used for my squares (I now realise this is bad crochet etiquette) but will endeavour to find them and get back to you!
    Love coming your way from over here
    fee x

  5. Ok...the heart one is from here:
    fee x

  6. and the flower from here:

    I LOVED lots of the grannys on this site - and tried a few before settling for the one I did. Being a beginner doesn't stop me attempting the 'advanced' designs!!
    fee x


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