Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The final BBB 2012 Squares post!

A beautiful little package...

a sweet card and 6 squares from 
Marinke in Holland... you might know 
her as 'Wink' of 'A Creative Being' 

Look at this set of 6 beautiful 
squares that Marinke so beautifully 
packaged...and they smell as 
gorgeous as they look!

How did you do that Marinke?

Can you let me know which cotton
 you used Marinke?  The colours 
are really zingy and fresh.. they go
 together perfectly though... Can you
 imagine a whole blanket of these? 

 I love this orange...it looks edible!

Absolutely gorgeous Marinke! 
Thank you so much for joining in! 

Well I am pretty sure that I have posted 
photos of all of the squares that were sent
 in for the BBB of 2012.. and I have tried 
to include links to all of the patterns... 
if you would like to review them all 
together, take a peak at the page 
(top right) where they are all together....

Do let me know if I haven't included 
your squares! 

Thank you all so much for joining in and 
making this blanket so lovely... the 
sewing up is almost at an end...
it has taken me FAAAAARRRRR longer
 than I ever predicted, but it really is 
a labour of love... and I'll be showing
 you some pictures of it coming together
 in the next couple of days... 


  1. Thank you for organising the bbb12 such an amazing idea! I have enjoyed being a part of this and seeing all the wonderful square. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    1. Ahh thanks Shelley... you have been so lovely all through the last few months...always giving me great feedback and loving the squares.. I'm glad you've enjoyed it... I'm hoping I can justify everyone's hard work with the end result! Hugs, Jill :)x

  2. Can't wait to see the finished blanket x

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  4. I really can't wait and I would also like to know what cotton Marinke used. I also live in Holland and it might be something that I could easily get here. Summer is coming, so some nice light cotton is very welcome.

  5. These are beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing the tadahhh!

  6. This has been an amazing project and you've done a fantastic job, Jill.
    Really looking forward to seeing the BBB12 in all its glory, love and hugs, Judy xx

    1. Thanks so much Judy... not long to wait now... hugs, Jill :)x

  7. Beautiful grannies! I can't wait to see the whole thing, too. :)

  8. Just beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished results. How exciting!

  9. Another lot of beautiful grannies, I cant wait to see the whole this- the suspense is killing me!!!!

  10. Hey Jill! The reason that they smell so nice is because I keep scented packets with my cotton yarn :) The yarn used is Drops Paris. It's very nice and has a great color range, although it can be a bit splitty sometimes. I use a 4mm or 5mm hook for it.

  11. Pretty squares, can't wait to see it finished.xxx

  12. Oh my goodness I'm finally back in blog land and have been going through all your posts. First of all I can't believe the BBB is at an end and 2nd what absolutely gorgeous squares you have I can not wait for the ta dah. xx

  13. Hello Jill,
    Thanks for showing us all images during the past weeks, I love every photo and word you posted. I agree with all the compliments because you deserve them. I look forward to the blanket but for now I wish you every success with the hard work!

  14. I have enjoyed looking at all the lovely squares that everyone has been sending in. it's going to be a beautiful blanket, I can't wait to see the finished result :)


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