Thursday, 15 March 2012

What's taking so long?...

You must all be wondering what is going
 on with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012? 
The winner was announced...
(hurrah for Barbina :)).. 
and the squares have all been shown... 
So what's the hold up? Why isn't 
the blanket finished and being shown
 to you all?

Well...this is where all the squares have 
been staying for the last few weeks... 

Would you like a peak or two?.....

In the last week or so there has been 
 a lot of this going on...

and some of this...

and more of this.... I tried to give all the squares a
a similar edging which I could then 
use to sew them together more easily....
I also wanted them to have an edging
 so that each square 'stood out' as 
individual squares rather than all 
merging together...

Eventually I had lots of these...

(This photo WILL NOT stay the right 
way up...sorry!)

Spread out they looked like this...
(I have to put this on large... they are so scrumptious)!

 and this...

and this..

(my hand slipped on the colour button as
 I was playing with arty effects - and I 
liked the way it looked)! 

Sewing squares together of different sizes, textures and tensions has been quite a challenge... an enjoyable challenge... there has been lots of sewing... a bit of unpicking... then more sewing... but I am getting there.  Of course, if the squares were all the same size I could just put them into Picnik to plan it out and make a lovely collage like this... 

..but that wouldn't be as much fun would it?

So for are some gorgeously gratuitous
shots of the squares on my table last week...

I am in hooky, squarey heaven! x

PS:  As you know, Picnik is closing on 19th April....causing me much consternation as I have really enjoyed using... luckily a lovely lady called Jennifer at Finding My Way in Texas has found a replacement... it has a simlilar name, similar capabilities, similar user friendliness... no collage yet, but it is coming... and it is called Picmonkey
Thanks for finding it Jennifer! 


  1. good work stocki...a real labour of love!
    SO looking forward to seeing the end result.
    I am overjoyed that someone has found a picnik replacement - I use a good few photo sites but, for my business, picnik is irreplaceable. Every time I go on and it reminds me of the closing date I bury my head in my hands and wonder what else I will use.
    I'm off to thank Jennifer - I can live without the collage for the time being!
    fee x

  2. What a fabulous sight of all those stackable squares. They look wonderful together, but I don't envy you sewing them together!
    Your family must be wondering where their kitchen table went!
    You really are doing an amazing job though Jill, I would spend far too much time pondering where to put each square and getting nothing joined!!

  3. Wait to see the will be great, I sure...
    Be courageous to sew this beautiful squares alltogether...

  4. How pretty! I don't think there is one of us out here who think you are taking too long. What a huge job! It looks wonderful and even though there can only be one winner, I loved being a part of this project. Great idea Jill!

  5. I love it!! Great job, you're amazing joining all those squares!! I'm waiting for next BBB :)

  6. My goodness look at those beautiful squares you re so patient.being able to see them
    All together. I agree with kashi I dont think you are taking too long at all this must be such a big job but so worth it. The bbb12 is going to be beautiful and so unique.
    (hope this works as I've been having problem posting comments)
    Shelley x

  7. I think you are amazing to have got this far, it is going to be the most beautiful blanket, somehow all those colours and textures sing!

  8. How fab Jill!!! It's all coming together....slowly, slowly but oh so beautifully!!! I feel like an expectant mom just waiting for the baby to come!!!! lol xxx ps Am using LunaPic instead of Picnic. Give it a try! xxx

  9. I was wondering how you would do it - the neutral edging is a great idea. And as has already been said, no one thinks you're taking too long! Judy x

  10. LOVE! I love seeing all of the work and how you are putting it together! SO amazing!!!! I'm completely jealous now that I didn't win!!!!
    THANK YOU for doing this! What a wonderful project!!!!!

  11. Brilliant idea to edge them all....have you considered getting your travelling hubby into some crochet to help the cause? Can you imagine if you were both on the job how quick it would go?

    It looks great, take your time, we are all being patient, but look forward to seeing the end result!

  12. Ooh Jill! I wish I could help you! I´m feeling so bad seeing you doing all this work. You can take all the time you need, you don´t have to hurry! It is amazing seeing all these wonderful squares lying next to each other!
    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Jill! xxxBarbina

  13. Jill, I wish I was at your place right now in this hooky squary heaven :)))) woow ! The blnaket is looking wonderful already :))
    Thank you again for this project and for taking so much time to sew all these squares is really a labor of love!

  14. Oh my goodness!
    What good fun that must be, with all those gorgeous squares to play with.
    It will be an absolute stunner!

  15. It (they) look absolutely glorious all together. I don't envy you the task of putting them all together. It looks kind of like an abstract jigsaw puzzle that didn't come with any instructions! What I do know is that Barbina is going to be one very excited lady when the completed blanket finally arrives on her doorstep. I'm looking forward to next year. I think you might find that (if you decide to continue with it) the number of squares and participants increases threefold. You might end up having to make multiple blankets.
    Thanks for keeping us updated, it truly has been a wonderful journey.
    xXx Helen

  16. I can't wait to see it. We really enjoy Picasa as our photo editing. It's free. It doesn't have as many neat things as picnik, but it has a very easy upload feature to blogger which is a winner in my book. Loved seeing a sneak peek of the blanket.

  17. Wow! I absolutely cannot crochet but oh how I love to look at all that prettiness. It is lovely.

  18. wow... quite some work... or.. I would not call it work.. :-))

  19. Jill, I am in a sort of shock. I had thought that it would be a huge job for you, but this exceeds my expectations! I like the edging, it brings it all together. Gosh this blanket will be a piece of art:)

  20. Oh those squares are beautiful. Its so much work for you though but you are doing an amazing job. Its going to be stunning.

  21. Very impressive and what a labour of love xx

  22. Such beautiful photos- they all look amazing, but what a HUGE job for you to undertake!!! Hope you are having a lovely week :)

  23. Hi, how's the blanket going?! I'm so excited to see it! I've just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award :) Have a look here -

  24. Oh my word, that's some task you have there, but I'm sure the wait to see the finished thing will be worth it :D

  25. Oh it looks so lovely!! I am very jealous of barbina what a lovely blanket to have from all over the world and what a lovely lady you are to sew it altogether, don't worry I can see that that is one hell of a big job. Also if you join google+ all the picnic function are in there for you to use and edit photos but I think I might go check out picmonkey too. xx

  26. I'd like to have a complete instruction from each design. would I?

  27. omg sooo gorgeous! Would really like if you checked out my blog...maybe follow :)x

  28. Amazing! What a mammoth task, I don't envy you but it will be fabulous when it's finished.


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