Thursday, 28 February 2013

5 more contributors squares to go... here are 1, 2 and 3...

I'm getting there, honestly I am... 

I am sewing as fast as my little fingers will let me... 

I am pinning and positioning, placing and pondering... 

It is all falling into place... 

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 is emerging in front of my eyes... 

And soon it will be in front of YOUR eyes! 

I have squares from 5 more lovely bloggers to show you... so I shall show you 3 sets now, and the last 2 later... 

First lets have a look at Joan's squares. Joan writes her own blog - Pembrokeshire Lass and posts beautiful photographs, stories from her life and her lovely crochet.  I find it a lovely comforting blog... like listening to a good friend chatting... pop over and have a look!  Here are Joan's squares: 

All three squares are made using Planet Penny's cotton

The first 2 squares are made using a pattern from a book called, "150 Blocks to Knit and Crochet", by Heather Lodinsky. 

The third square uses a pattern in a tutorial by Wise Craft and can be found on Ravelry.  Joan and her daughter added an extra row to help to make it more square. 

Joan hasn't been well recently, I hope reading this post makes her smile! 

GOOD LUCK with the draw tomorrow Joan! 


The next set of squares came from Ali - of the blog, Random Wooliness.  Ali did a lovely post about the Beautiful Blogger Blanket HERE and gave all the details of patterns and yarn etc. there too. 

For Ali's square she used a pattern called the Flower Square which was used in a pattern for a dog coat! This was from the book, 'Granny Square Crochet', by Catherine Hirst. 

Ali's second square was designed by her son and is based on the windows in Dr. Who's tardis!  What a lovely idea! Believe it or not Ali has only been crocheting for a year...what amazing progress Ali! 

If Ali won the blanket she says she would donate to a local charity which is so lovely of her.  Pop over and have a look at Random Wooliness - Ali makes some amazing things!  

GOOD LUCK with the draw for the whole 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 tomorrow Ali! 


Are you still with me?  The third contributor for this post is the lovely Fee of Chipper Nelly.

You must have found Fee by now.. she is an amazing crocheter, crafter, and all round lovely lady! I love reading her posts, hearing about her three lovely boys and her life.  Just look at how she displayed a recent creation on the blog HERE  .. I did giggle! 

Here is Fee's square: 


Fee can't find the pattern she used, please let me know if you find it Fee... it is a gorgeous one! 

Look at the lovely trim Fee made for her parcel... thanks Fee!  

GOOD LUCK with the draw tomorrow :) 

So only another 2 contributors to go (and mine) ... I'll go back to sewing the blanket together now... 

Hugs,  Jill x

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