Thursday, 28 February 2013

Not 2 more contributors...THREE!

I can count - really! I just miscounted the contributors squares which I have still to post... I did the same thing last year as far as I remember! 

In this post are squares that will take your breath away... from Faith, Paula Castro and Elisabeth Andree.

First up - Faith of Faith.  Having just moved house and taking part in a sock knitting KAL, I thought Faith wouldn't have time to join us this year... but never under-estimate someone with a name like Faith! Here are her amazing squares: 

I love the name of this square - it is called, 'On the Huh' and is by Jacqui Goulbourn on Ravelry HERE

I spend a lot of my time in Suffolk and one expression that always makes me smile, and the title of a book on Suffolk sayings by Charlie Haylock, "Sloightly On The Huh"...which means, 'slightly crooked'! I haven't spelt sloightly is written as it is said in Suffolk! 

 Faith's second amazing square is The Impossible Hexagon by Stramenda and can be found on Ravelry HERE.  

All of Faith's squares are made using Wendy Supreme Cotton.

The third of Faith's squares is also by Jacqui Goulbourn.  It is called  Alter-Ego and is on Ravelry HERE

The fourth square was made using Katia Samba yarn in a pattern that Faith made up as she went along! 

Finally Faith send an extra square in case it was of the lovely Sunny Spread squares by Ellen Gormley on Ravelry HERE

GOOD LUCK with the draw for the whole Beautiful Blogger Blanket  tomorrow Faith! 


Our second contributor for this post is Paula Castro of 
Paula Castro Crafts.  Paula is a fantastic crocheter who I initially found out about through a crochet design competition on About Crochet with Elisabeth Andree.  Paula is Portugese so these are our first squares from Portugal... Thank you Paula!

(At the time of posting I have no details of the patterns / yarns used for Paula's squares - when I get them I will update the post)

GOOD LUCK with the draw tomorrow Paula! 


I just mentioned our final contributor when I was talking about Paula.
Elisabeth Andree (Andree) of About Crochet has sent us some gorgeous squares from The Hague in The Netherlands.  Andree's blog is one of my absolute can rely on Andree to be innovative, creative... and she likes the same colours as I do! Take these lovely squares which she has sent us, they are unusual patterns from unusual sources.. beautiful!  

Andree's first square is called the 'amikomo3-23,  Luncheon Mat', by Pierrot.  (www.

Here are the Page link and pattern link.  
As usual with Japanese patterns there is no written pattern, 
but there are good diagramatic patterns.

The second square is again from and is the Acrobat Square.  
The page link is HERE, and the pattern link HERE.

The page for the last square from Andree is HERE
and the pattern link is HERE

If you haven't tried following a diagram before, give it a go... a whole new world of Japanese patterns and books and even designing will open up to you! 

Thanks so much Andree - for joining in, and for your encouragement!

GOOD LUCK with the draw for the whole Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013! 

Now there is one day left to go until the draw for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013.  Tomorrow I will post details of all the contributors, the countries from which they have come, my own squares... and finally...

The DRAW! 

Hugs, Jill x

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