Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday! It's sunny and bright in Oxford, UK, 
but probably not as warm as it is in Australia! 

Alison from Queensland in Australia sent us 2 amazing squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013... The patterns for both squares come from the book, "200 Crochet Blocks", by Jan Eaton.

The first square is made using pattern # 189 (P. 106), called 'Willow'.  
The yarn Alison has used is called' 'Heirloom' and it is an 8 ply 100% cotton. 

Alison was nice enough to list the colour codes for us:
  • Dark Denim - # 686 
  • Blue - # 602
  • Lime - #689

The second square is from the same book, but it is pattern # 173 (p. 102) and is called, 'Big Round'. Again Alison used 'Heirloom' 100% cotton in dark denim and blue (as above).

I am not sure if Alison has a blog - I can't find one... maybe you will let us know Alison and I can link it up.

So, our BBB2013 might be winging it's way all the way to Australia this year if Alison is lucky in the draw! 



  1. What beautiful squares.

  2. Lovely squares - I'm going to have to have a look at the Jan Eaton book because I've seen quite a few pretty squares people have made from that book! Elisabeth x

  3. Beautiful squares I love that book I would like to try them all one day :)

  4. Gorgeous blocks- this blankets going to be gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful squares and lovely colours!

  6. Hope you got my square Stocki...been a while since you posted - hope all OK?!
    fee xxx


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