Friday, 8 February 2013

A new tradition on Stocki... FUNNY FRIDAY!

I went onto my Faceboook this morning and lots of people have posted funny quotes, jokes, lovely lady always has cake day on a Friday... you can find her on Facebook as Little Floating Craft Company or on Facebook Etsy shop here.  She makes me smile every Friday! 

This is my first FUNNY FRIDAY POST! This one has been posted a lot, but it makes me laugh every time......

I have decided to start a weekly link-up called...

Every Friday I will post a cartoon, joke...any thing that has made me smile in the week.. in the best possible taste I promise! 

Now your turn... post something funny on your blog and link back to this post by entering your details in the box below (you don't have to do this every week...only when you want to make us smile)! 

(and if you like copy the html code from FUNNY FRIDAY logo from the share button on in my right hand column and put it on your blog so that other easily amused bloggers can join in).


  1. So funny! Great idea Jill, we will have people laughing all week with my smile on Monday and your funny Friday :)

    1. Thanks Linda... I hope you don't mind me doing a similar thing.... maybe others will take up the idea and we can have a Happy Blog for every day of the week! :) x

    2. Of course I don't mind Jill I hope everyone does join in we all need a bit of humour in out lives, have a great week-end :)


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