Monday, 11 February 2013

Owls and flowers from Windsor for the BBB2013

Julia writes her blog Foam of Days from Windsor in the UK where she sews, knits and has recently re-found crochet, but her squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 make me think that she is quite skilled really!  

Look at this little chap! A sweet little owl on a crochet granny base! 

Julia used Textere's own Pure Soft Cotton DK yarn as she details here.  It is a soft fluffy cotton with very good colours.  Julia has given you the links to Textere too on her blog.

This pattern is called the Owl Granny Square Crochet pattern and comes from a great blog called, 'Repeat Crafter Me' .

Julia's second squares was made by watching a Youtube Russian video which is here, called 'Crochet Square with Flower'. Interesting! I had never thought of looking for patterns on YouTube.. I've looked at lots of 'how-tos' on there.. but now I have some more searching to do! 

This is a lovely square... Julia made a few alterations, but it is basically the same square. 

Thanks so much for joining in Julia... and 
with the draw to win The Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2013.


  1. Thank you Jill for posting pictures of my little contribution! And thanks for the opportunity to rediscover crochet :)

    1. It's a pleasure Julia! I glad you have rediscovered crochet.. you crochet well and it would be a shame to not make such lovely things! Good luck with the draw. Hugs, Jill x

  2. The little owl is cute, I like his/her eyes:)

  3. so cute - a lovely addition to your blanket!
    Can you email your address stocki? My little contribution is already packaged up ready to go!

    fee xx


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