Thursday, 28 February 2013

PHEW... new job, a weekend away and the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013!

PHEW!  Sorry for my absence... it has been all go here for the last 10 days or so.  I have a new job as a Teaching Assistant in a local school - in fact in the school where I was a pupil from the age of 5 until 11 - so when I walked in for a look round I hadn't been there for over 40 years! Much is the same, some huge differences... none of my little friends are there :( 

Also my hubby treated me to a long weekend in Seville for a Valentine's treat... what a beautiful place... I'll post some pics soon.  If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen a couple.  The weather was like a good spring day in the UK.. what a treat to feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

To make up for my absence I am going to post details of quite a few squares today.... First Janice's squares: 

Janice sent us these four gorgeous crochet squares for our Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 when there was ice and snow at her home - I hope it is a little warmer now Janice! 

I don't think Janice has a blog, I can't find details of one... let me know if I am wrong Janice.  Here are Janice's squares:  

A lovely granny square in a multi-blue yarn.

 Janice designed this flower square pattern herself! 

Janice wasn't able to find the designer for this lovely pinwheel square - 
if any one knows maybe you could send us a link please? 

Finally, Janice's personal favourite (and mine).. an owl square from Sarah's lovely blog - Repeat Crafter Me, which is called the Owl Granny Square and can be found HERE .  This square is really popular at the moment - we have had 2 sent in for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 :)


Do you know Shelley from All4meggymoo?  Shelley recently organised a lovely 'I Love Hearts' swap for Valentines which was great - I blogged about it here.

Shelley has been kind enough to send us 3 squares for the BBB 2013:

 These squares are beautifully made.  All 3 patterns come from a book which I hadn't heard of called, 'Crochet Blocks in a Box', by Luisa Roberts. You can see more about the book here on Amazon UK

This is my favourite!

Can you see the filet heart within this one? 

Thanks so much for joining in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 Shelley! 


The lovely Wink of A Creative Being  has sent us 4 squares for the BBB 2013.  
If you follow Wink on her blog or on Instagram or Facebook you will know that she has been organising a 'Weekly Mandala' CAL for the last 17 weeks! Somehow Wink found time to make us these lovely granny squares too: 

Four beautiful little granny squares in lovely spring colours on a white background. 

Thank you so much Wink, Shelley and Janice! These are all beautiful squares for our blanket.  


The draw for the winner will be tomorrow - 
1st March 2013! 

I have more squares to post - I will do another post this evening, one tomorrow morning, and then the draw winner will be posted in the evening! 

Hugs,  Jill x


  1. Congratulations on your new job Jill and how lucky are you to get whisked off to a beautiful location for Valentines I hope that you had a wonderful time, beautiful squares I quite like the filet heart one so pretty. :)

  2. phew - was worried! Glad to hear it's good reasons, and looking forward to hearing about Seville. fee x
    (ps I can't find the designer of my square - I'll keep looking)
    (pps my OH has a good education blog - take a look

  3. Congratulations with your new job! It sounds great Jill!.
    And today's post is lovely with many lovely squares!

  4. Also congratulations from me.
    It must be great to be back in your old school.
    I once visited my old kindergarten school (nursery school?) and I immediately recognized the smell!

    About the pinwheel design I can tell you that I did some simple research into this design for my blog.
    And my conclusion is that this must be a traditional, a classic. I encountered several versions of this design.
    I am making this square, maybe for a blanket. When I made the first square I realized that this is a simple, easy to make and easy to remember square, very closely related to the classic granny square. As long as you know the number of stitches to start with, you can make the square without thinking.
    Even if you have poor eyesight you can make this square, except maybe the last row. The same as with classic granny squares, which are called ‘granny squares’ because grannies could crochet them without glasses!


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