Monday, 6 February 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012 - Little Things Made With Love....

Have you heard of Barbina's blog

Barbina lives in Germany and she has
 sent us 4 squares for The Beautiful 
Blogger Blanket 2012. 

In fact Barbina went one step further
 and designed her own square pattern! 

Here is the beautiful little package
 that I unwrapped last week...

Labelled beautifully...

and attached to the label and ribbon, 
a special little treat for me... 

A sweet detachable stitch marker!

Thank you Barbina.

So here are the four squares... 

They are all made from the same pattern
 called, 'The Flower Square Pattern' by Barbina
 which you can find with a really clear
 tutorial on Barbina's blog here..

The squares are all made using 
Rico Essentials DK yarn...

I have never used it before, but 
it feels very silky, has a slight
 sheen to it and would have a 
good 'drape' for a cotton yarn.

The first square is a pale teal and white.

 The second is a pale lilac and white.

The 3rd square is a deep custardy yellow....

The 4th is a purple-blue with white.

All four together look so fresh and sweet... 

I can imagine a whole blanket 
made of these very easily! 

Thank you so much Barbina... 

You now have 4 chances to win the whole blanket!


  1. They are so pretty - the blanket is going to be so amazing x

  2. oh my goodness they are just gorgeous and such pretty colours. I really am getting so excited about the BBB12 now! (even more so!)

  3. So many beautiful squares - I must post mine soon!
    And today I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award too!
    Love Judy xx

    1. Thanks so much Judy.... for the award and for joining in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket.. :)x

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I´m so glad, that you like my little squares!

    1. They are beautiful Barbina! Thanks so much for sending them... hugs, Jill x

  5. So gorgeous... I love that design it would make a great throw all by itself! Have mine arrived yet? Im worried the package has gone astray... :(


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