Sunday, 5 February 2012

Madrid, snow and a little :(

Phew...what excitement! Yesterday we were
 in Suffolk but the weather forecast was awful...

 (awful for the UK...not awful for anywhere else
 that it used to lots of snow).. so we came back
 to Oxford a day early... and made it home just 
as the snow started in Oxford...hurrah!

 We watched it fall all evening, full of plans for
 walks in the snowy park with the dog today... 
and then it rained! I love English weather!

Pavement pattern in Madrid
 In Madrid last week it was cold, but beautifully
 sunny... we had a lovely weekend.... I'll show 
you a few pictures, not too many.. 

Fernando Botero Statue outside Madrid Barajas Airport
This beautiful statue of a woman sitting on
 the back of bull greets you as you arrive at 
Barajas Airport, Madrid.
She is designed by Fernando Botero whose
 art works feature rounded figures, but if you
 are going to look at more of his work, be 
prepared - some of the subject matter 
isn't pleasant!

My hubby works in Madrid - I live in Oxford, UK,
 ..we don't spend much time together, so three
 days alone was bliss...
The Palacio Real de Madrid (The Royal Palace of Madrid)
Outside of The Mercado de San Miquel , Madrid

This place is like a covered market...
but a lovely social place... you buy your
 food and drink from whichever stall you want,
 then sit together at the central tables... 

It is a vibrant, friendly, stimulating place to eat!

The Mercado de San Miquel , Madrid

Statue in Plaza De Oriente, Madrid

This is a street entertainer called Spider man - 
He strikes different poses, and these men were 
joining in... this pose was called 'sexy'! Hmmm...

I noticed that there were far more 
hand-made items on sale in the 
shops..... ahh lovely colourful poncho!

These antique sewing machines would 
have been in my suitcase if they had 
weighed less! 

Sorry - rubbish photo of the inside of the wool shop,
but the man in uniform was cross with me for taking it! 
Yes, I did find a wool shop... I was shocked 
to see that it was PACKED with shoppers! 

It wasn't like our local yarns shops at all.. 
when you walk in the door there is a display
 of samples of all the yarns they carry, and 
handmade items displayed... 

Further into the shop are the yarns on very
 high fact the whole shop was
 stacked tot he ceiling! But no balls of wool
 to be seen... apparently you chose your yarn
 by feeling the samples at the front of the 
shop, then go to the back of the shop to 
order by 1 kilo of red cotton. 

There was even a man in uniform who told me
 off in no uncertain terms for touching the 
hanks instead of the samples! 

It makes sense really! Mind you I did feel a 
bit like a criminal when I picked up a 
crochet hook! 

In the wool shop.. a beautiful display of bobbin
 lace-making supplies... I used to make bobbin
 lace, this made me want to dig out my bobbins! 

and Tapas bars.. vino tinto (red wine) and
 tapas... yum yum! 

Catedral de la Almudena - Madrid
This next bit I shall write in very brief, small
 words... I didn't get the job.... :( 

Thanks so much to everyone who wished me well, 
and made me laugh just before the interview...

Onwards and upwards.....

Oh my goodness some beautiful 
squares have come in for the 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012.. 

I am going to post loads this week to catch up!


  1. Those are really stunning, definitely one to add to my list.

    1. Yep... definitely a lovely experience Hilly :)x

  2. Well it looks like you had a marvellous time in Madrid. Sounds like you need to save your pennies and do it more often!

    Oh poo about the job :( You know something WILL come along that you are just perfect for. I've had jobs I've loved and jobs I've hated, but in all cases they were steps along the journey. I'm currently enjoying NOT working, well I do a bit of online work for pocket money really, but I dread the time that I might need to go back to work!

    xXx Helen

  3. I take it you stayed at that palace place? I can see they put the flag up for as you were in residence, what a nice touch. Your photos are lovely, sounds like you had. Lovely few days, sorry about the job, but as you say onwards and upwards and on to the next thing! Keep safe in the snow, we've missed the lot, it is a lot milder here than it was. Have a good day!x

    1. Ha ha Faith.. no such luck! Our snow has almost gone already... yay.. bring on the spring...what do you mean it's only February?! Have a lovely Monday :)x

  4. Nice to read your post, Jill! I would love to visit Madrid. I like Botero's work but I know (seen it on an exhibiton in The Hague) some of his work has to do with political issues...
    Here in Holland is it all white too but very sunny. Most people like the cold, I like to stay in:)
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Elisabeth! Madrid is wonderful... I prefer it in the summer...but it is nice to see what happens when it is cold too! In about a month my husband will be working in Rotterdam! :)x

  5. Madrid is Lovely, is my country.
    I hope your stay has been very special.
    Beautiful pictures of my city.

    1. Hi Marieta! Oh how lovely to live in you know the wool shop I talked about? Madrid is a very special place for me and the people were lovely.. and I will definitely be back... :)x


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