Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hilly Town Blues' squares, and a filet heart experiment...oooo and another award!

Have you seen enough crochet squares yet? 

I hope not because I think we are 
not even half way through all the 
beautiful squares that have sent for 
The Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012!

Harriet of Hilly Town Blue sent me 4 squares... 
and they are big and beautiful!

The 2 largest are 18cm x 18cm and the other 2 
are 17cm x 17cm and 14cm x 14cm.. 
Thank you so much Harriet......

They came all tied up beautifully with a 
perfect little ceramic owl attached... 
I think he is a bead... but he is 
standing happily on my trolley
 (desk) at the moment...

 He is about 2cm tall, so the photo came
 out a bit blurry... unless he was ruffling 
his feathers as I took the photo! 

Harriet's collection of squares is called, 
'Roobarb & Custard' after the cartoon
 on children's TV - more years ago than 
care to remember! You may wonder
 why as the squares seem to have 
come out quite purple-ish on my screen - 
In fact they are mainly a lovely deep
 pink called, 'Hot Pink' from the 
Stylecraft Classique Cotton Collection.  
The 'custard' is  'Sunflower Yellow'. 

Harriet's first square is called 'Pretty Petals'
 and is designed by Melinder Miller... 
I went looking for the pattern on the 
internet and found it here.

The stunning second square is called, 
'Drop in the Bucket' and is designed 
by Janie Herrin.

Harriet finished it before the final rounds
 or it would have been too can
 find the pattern here.

 Jan Eaton's book, '200 Crochet Blocks for 
blankets, throws and afghans' 
is the source of Harriet's third square, 
Lacy Cross'..(#19).

Finally a traditional granny square
 which came from, "The inner
 recesses" of Harriet's mind :)

I do love a good crochet close-up...

If you would like to read more about the
 making of these squares have a look at 
Harriet's post here.

Thanks for joining in Harriet... and for my 
lovely little owl... you have 4 chances
 to win the Beautiful Blogger Blanket!


Late last I was waiting for
 the kettle to boil to fill my hot water 
bottle... I popped over to Victoria's 

Victoria has translated a beautiful crochet 
pattern originally designed by Anne Sofie at 
Slojdmagasinet into UK crochet terms.  
It must have been a labour of love!

The original pattern is on Ravelry here.

I couldn't resist, the hot water bottle 
lay on the sofa, keeping the cushions 
warm whilst I searched out my crochet
 cotton... and this is my first, wobbly, 
asymmetric, not quite right attempt...

Pinned... oh you know I love 'blocked' photos...

 Pins all out...hold your breath...

Yes I know it is upside down! I have 
been trying for 40 minutes to make it stay
 the right way up! I give up... you get
 the idea.. and it isn't perfect anyway... 
so you can turn your laptops round or
 do what I am going to do and go to bed! 

Night night! :) x

ps:  My hot water bottle has gone cold tonight too! 
Thank you so much to Helen of 26 Minutes Past
who passed me the Versatile Blogger Award!
 I am so happy that you like visiting here



  1. The blogger blocks are so beautiful and inspirational. Your heart is so delicate and lovely. The photo with the colorful pins is frameable! Is that a word? Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I LOVE pictures with pins in... there was a better one, but that wouldn't stay the right way up either! :)x

  2. Is it to late to get in on sending squares. I admit I have searched and can not find any info on joining. Mind you I am usually on when my two youngest are going bananas and my grandbaby is climbing all over me LOL

    1. Hi Croissa! Oh don't talk about Grandchildren...I want one!! :) I am going to republish the rules for sending in a square for the Beautiful Blogger Blanker later today.. lots of people are still asking :)x

    2. Well I have a handful of kids between 20 and 4. And ALOT of foster kids all between 17 and 24. And I am only 39 so it is still really odd for me. I am to young for my older kids and to old for my youngest LOL

  3. Oh Stocki so much visual feasting here :) love the squares inspired by Rhubarb & Custard! Oh how I loved the theme music as a child when it came on TV. The blanket, by all accounts, is going to be stunning. Loving your heart too ( I like the upside down pic as it reminds me of the Ace of Spades) it's so very delicate and pretty. Also thank you so much for the award.... it is so kind of you and feels lovely to think you enjoy my bloggy space.

    Hope you stay warm and enjoy the rest of the week x


    Jo x x x

    1. Thanks Jojo... it wasn't difficult giving you an award at all! And that music... duddle-a duhh... duddle-a duhh.. duddle-a dup de duhhh..oh yes it is still going round in my brain! :)x

  4. How long will you be collecting squares? If you'd take worsted weight cotton I have some I could send. I have a few deadlines to meet in the next couple weeks before I can make any new squares with sport weight, but would love to join in!

    1. Hi Laurinda! I will be republishing the rules later on today.. I think worsted is the same as Double Knit? The closing date is 29th February :)x

  5. I know those squares were big, I hope they don't interfere with the layout too much! Thank you for the kind write up.

    1. They weren't TOO big..they were beautifully big! I love them... and no they definitely won't interfere with the layout.. I have squares of ALL sizes :)x

  6. Beautiful squares, I will post mine on Monday, they've been sat on my desk for weeks, sorry. I can't wait to see the blanket made up now. Your heart looks gorgeous, must give it a go.xxxx

    1. Ahh the heart... I do love it myself..and it wasn't difficult - just fiddly working with the fine cotton thread. My daughter loved it too...and she is getting married in August 2013.. can you guess what my next project is? I will be blogging about it when the BBB2012 is over! :)x

  7. I love your crochet heart! I've made lots of snowflakes previously, and I really enjoy seeing them all blocked out. I'll definitely be trying the heart now!
    Judy xx

    1. Thanks Judy... see the comment above to Deb...oh my goodness I may wish I had never seen it! :)x

  8. Love that heart, Jill! Your work looks neat and lovely.
    The squares are colourful.

  9. You have been TAGGED, check out my post tonight.
    I do hope you don't mind.

    Ps all those lovely squares - so pretty xx

    1. Thanks so much for tagging me Mrs. Thrifty...I loved reading yours.. and am busy thinking of people to tag / questions to ask...mwah hah hah :)x

  10. Aaaggghhh, I have still not posted my squares....I will, I will!

    Love HillyT's squares, really lovely!

    Your heart looks great, you are very disciplined over your blocking....I've put my shawl to one side as the sooner I finish, the sooner I will have to block it!

    1. Faith...I'm going to put you on the naughty step if you don't post those squares to me! I'm not really disciplined about blocking..I just really enjoy it because of all the lovely pins and potential photos of them...a bit like a train spotter - but a pin spotter! :)x

  11. Ooo that little heart is so pretty! xx

  12. oooh this blocking you speak of is so far beyond me!
    I'm now singing the rhubarb and custard theme tune.
    I've done a little show and tell with the wool you sent me over at mine - take a look! (you know I'm still a virgin crocheter so feel proud of the most basic of grannys!)
    fee x

  13. Gorgeous heart ... that's what I love about crochet even though I still haven't properly got to grips with it, it's versatility.

    1. Thanks really is amazing how you can create so many different projects depending on the yarn and pattern...It's worth persevering! :)x

  14. Hi Jill. That heart is gorgeous!! I'm glad someone else has those 'must do this now' moments! I don't know how many times I've found myself still crocheting/knitting/ blogging at 1am when DH is fast asleep in bed!!!! The squares are certainly coming on well for the BBB. lol xxx

    1. Thanks Laura.. I am definitely at my best when every one else is asleep! :)x


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