Monday, 20 February 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket - Squares from Hamilton, New Zealand!

When I first had the idea of The Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 I was a bit worried that not many of you would want to join in... 

I thought maybe I would be sewing a cushion cover together and hoping for more in 2013, then maybe building up into a throw by 2014... but all you
lovely crocheters from all over the world have been so kind and generous... 

Our current tally is over 100 squares...

This post is about squares from Hamilton, New Zealand... from Janette of The Green Dragonfly

Janette's lovely blog tells of her life in NZ with her beautiful children and her husband.  Janette crochets, sews, draws, paints, cooks - and she has a second
blog called, 'Telling a Story With My Lenswhich showcases her beautiful photography.

Janette's package was so pretty...

A sneaky peak inside the packaging revealed something strange...

Lots of tiny little Green Dragonflies!  That made me smile Janette! :)

The first square is in deep aqua and pink cotton...

 Janette didn't say which patterns she used, but this is a pretty one..can you let me know Janette?

The second square is a traditional granny square I   think... in deep pink, blue, aqua and pale pink... 

The third square is a circle within a granny square in green, pale pink, deep pink and purple.

All three together...scrumptious!

Thank you so much for joining in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket Janette you now have 3 chances to win the whole blanket...GOOD LUCK!

This morning Elisabeth of About Crochet suggested I show you some photos of all the squares....Hmmm.... I'm onto it Elisabeth.. I'll see what sunshine the morning brings...


  1. Wish I had a blog ;) *sigh*
    The colours used for these squares are gorgeous :D
    Mo x

  2. So lovely. Always fabulous to receive great treats in the post.

  3. This blanket is going to be awesome :)

  4. wow over a hundred!!!! AWESOME!

  5. Such gorgeous photos Jill :) I was really beginning to get worried that they wouldn't show up, sending things in the mail always seems like such a leap of faith!!!! There weren't any patterns, just a little hooky and this was the result! Janette xxo

  6. Hello Jill,
    Lovely post. It must be wonderful to get so many beautiful squares, like birthday presents:) Over a hundred, that is really great!
    Hope you have a sunny day! :)


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