Sunday, 12 February 2012

Charmian's squares and the rules for The Beautiful Blogger Blanket again...

 Charmian sent me this fantastic little
 package all the way from Australia... 

I don't think Charmian has a blog
(correct me if I am wrong Charmian
 and I will update the post)... 
so I can't send you over there, 
but she is an excellent crocheter..

The squares were all tied up together 
with a length of crochet..

 There are 13 squares! Hoorah! 
This is the big one at 16cm x 16cm.

The rest are all 10cm x 10cm 

I'm not sure which pattern Charmian
 has used for her squares... 

Will you let us know Charmian... 
It is a lovely one!

 All 13 squares are made of 4 shades 
of cotton.. 

From deep purple...

Through mid-purple... 

To pink...

.....and baby pink.

What yarn did you use Charmian? 
The colours are lovely and the yarn
 is lovely and soft....

Some of the squares are made in all one colour...

And here are all 13 together...

Thank you so much Charmian for your squares... 
They are a fantastic contribution to 
the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012! 

You now have 13 entries to win 
the whole blanket... 


There are 17 days left until the 29th February... so if you still want to join in and get those squares to me, here are the rules again: 

Rule 1:
It MUST be made in double knit 100% cotton. This is because some bloggers or their family members are allergic to to make the blanket suitable for all, it shall be cotton. 

Rule 2:
It must be made using the appropriate hook for your yarn.

Rule 3:
The square can be ANY SIZE - but maybe we need to set a few limits, so let say smallest:  5 x 5 cm, and largest:  20 x 20cm.  It can also be any size in between.

Rule 4:
The square can be ANY COLOUR or colours.  I love jewel colours, but you might not... use whatever you like best to represent you.

Rule 5:
The square can be CROCHETED using ANY PATTERN.  The Beautiful Bloggers Blanket of 2012 will not mind if you are a beginner, or an advanced crocheter.. it will not mind if the square is simple or complicated, lacy or plain... it does not judge.

Rule 6:
Please sew all ends in!

Rule 7: 
Contact me by email for my postal address - see my profile link in the top right-hand corner of this page.....Post your square/ squares to me.

Rule 8:
Include your name and blog address in your envelope. The Beautiful Bloggers Blanket of 2012 will not mind who you are or where you live... it is a multi-cultural, worldy-wise, love-filled blanket!

Rule 9:
Include the source of the pattern you have used.  For example: Attic24, or 200 Crochet Blocks book by Jan Eaton.  If you have designed it yourself, just say so.

Rule 10:
Please ensure that your square / squares reach me by 31st January 2012 NEW DATE - 29th FEBRUARY at the very latest. Don’t forget you can send me one square or many squares – one square equals one entry, 3 squares equal 3 entries, and so on.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend... hugs, Jill x


  1. Great squares, lovely colours!

    This week...I will....I promise!

  2. What beautiful colours.

  3. Hi Stockie
    thanks for following my blog. I love your introduction sound mad there lol just as it should be but not enough hours in the day. Your work is lovely and i will pop in often. Take care nice to meet you

    1. Thanks...and thanks for popping in! Nice to meet you too :)x

  4. so bummed that i just discovered this today... too late for me. i bet it will be gorgeous though!


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