Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A crafty day out at Make IT and Serendipity Patch's Squares...

Guess where I'm going on Friday? My dear, long suffering hubby is taking me to  'Make It' in Farnborough.  Make It is a huge craft event, full name -

Make it Craft and Make it Homemade - the total Craft Event

Make It starts this Friday 24th Feb and continues until Sunday 26th Feb...
You can read more about it HERE.

For those of you who haven't been before, Make It is a kind of inspiration .... Oooo ahh... WOW.....inspiration and shopping event! If you want to try new crafts, or move on further with those you are already involved in...then you have to go....

Some of the crafts covered will be... card making, paper-crafting, beading, jewellery making, stamping, felting, decoupage, knitting and sewing...and there will be opportunities to buy equipment and materials for all of those... also cooking, demonstrations... oh my goodness, it will be a right old crafty inspiration-fest! Did I mention that there will be food there? I'm going to be making a bee-line for the Fin Taw Studio stall which is all about felting which I have always wanted to try...also Superlovely who specialise in 'Washi Tape'...(did you see Attic24's Washi Tape bunting here?) 

Anyway...f you want to see the complete list of Exhibitors peak HERE, and if you want to know how to get to FIVE in Farnborough look HERE.  It costs £9.50 on the day.

I'm only going as a visitor, not an exhibitor...but if you see a short chubby woman with a mass of unruly blonde fuzz  curls... say will probably be me! I'll have a tall, bald, bespectacled man with me who will be looking completely bored by the whole thing...bless! 

Do you remember that I blogged about this beautiful blanket by Debbie at Serendipity Patch...

Well Debbie from sent me a square for our blanket... a few days later Debbie wrote me an email asking if her square had arrived yet.. 

It hadn't, so Debbie sent me another one.. and then, just the next day... 
....the first one arrived! 

So here they are... two beautifully made crochet squares using Wendy 
Supreme 100% cotton DK yarn in 3 colours.. a baby pink, lemon and lilac.. 

The pattern is from '200 Crochet Blocks' by Jan Eaton...  It is # 16 - 'Waterlilly'

These are gorgeous Debbie... Thank you for joining now have TWO chances to win the whole blanket....



  1. Wow the squares are really pretty!

    I am completely jealous of your make it day out....we never have anything like that going on around here, I think I may cut a similar figure to you with a bored tall husband in tow!

    Have a wonderful inspired and then come back an inspire all of us!

  2. Very lovely! Have fun at the fair, I do so love those. The last one I went to, I worked so did not spend much money which was a good thing. LOL It was loads of fun. The time before I spent so much money on cross stitch kits I think I broke the bank. Those kits are all sitting in the cupboard collecting dust as I have not had time to look at them in years. Too much knitting and crochet going on. haha

  3. Oh you are so lucky, I'd love a day out crafting and shopping!! You are very lucky your husband is going with you, I think mine would have got me the ticket and dropped me at the door.....telling me not to spend too much!! Have a great time.
    Lovely squares, they look really pretty. x

  4. So pretty, this blanket is going to be

  5. This blanket is going to be mahoosive when you've finished! Make it looks fab, what a pity it is so far away from me. Have fun!

  6. This blanket is going to be awesome, I can't wait to see it! Xx

  7. I hope you had a lovely day out, and that crochet looks so pretty xxxxx

  8. Ah Jill I'm soooooo jealous of your impending day out to Farnborough....(sigh).... How's the BBB coming on?? BTW do you get up to Earls Court for the Stitch & Craft Show? I used to go when I was in the UK and I think it's in the Spring and Autumn but not sure. lol x


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