Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 - Squares from Texas, USA!

 I used to have a friend called Velma at school and I have never met anyone with the same pretty name since... until I 'met' (in a bloggy-land sense) Velma of 
Made By Velma.  Velma lives in Texas, USA! 

Velma has been trawling the internet for patterns for her squares and she has sent us 4 for The Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012... You can read more about the making of these squares here....
Velma chose 3 colours from I Love this Cotton - Rosey, Sage and Mullberry.  I have never seen this cotton in the UK.. but it is beautifully soft.

The first square was found on Ravelry.  
It is a free download by Silja Devine here

I have to admit that I really love this square!

This pattern can be found at Stitch
Nation and is by Debbie Stoller.  
It is called The Mixed Berry Tarts 
Throw! It is a free pattern.

Velma adapted / shortened this
 pattern from one she found at 
Red Heart, it is called 
'Flower Tiles Afghan'. 

Finally the fourth looks the 
most complicated..

This square is made from the 
StarFlower Granny Square pattern. 
Velma found it via Pinterest at 

Thank you Velma... some really
 stunning squares for The 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket.  

You now have 4 chances to win 
the whole thing... 



  1. Cute! I love them. I can't wait to see how the blanket will turn out.

  2. Beautiful - I love the purple colour.
    Judy x

  3. Those squares are beautiful and the colours are really lovely.

  4. I'm glad Ya'll like them! And thanks again Stocki for asking me to join in!!! I'm glad to have blog met you ;)


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