Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket, the Beyond The Square Challenge 2012 and a lovely surprise for me!

Thank you so much for all your kind good
 wishes for my interview this morning...

Thank you for making me smile all the way
 into the door Faith....

 It went well-ish... and now I sit with fingers, 
toes, knees, ears and eyes crossed until
 I get the phone call...
At the very beginning of this week an envelope 
arrived.. sorry... no photo of the envelope.. 
it has disappeared into the depths of my 
camera somewhere.. ah well.. it's not the 
envelope you are interested in is it?

Victoria from the wonderful, Yarn Round Hook 
in the UK has sent me 2 squares for the 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012! 

Again a lovely card with a very sweet message on..

You are all being so lovely; you send me good wishes 
and encouragement and I love getting them! 

Both of Victoria's squares are from Jan Eaton's 
book; '200 Crochet Blocks'.

The pink one, above, is # 197, 'Fretwork', 
sorry Victoria, the photo is slightly blurred!

The blue one, above, is # 94, 'Gothic Square'.

Some close-ups for you to linger over longingly...

2 stunning squares gives you 2 entries 
into the Beautiful Blogger Blanket draw 
on 29th February Victoria...Good luck and 
thank you for joining in!.  

If you haven't seen the beautiful work that Barbara 
from made in k-town does please umm..
(my hubby says I am always saying 'pop over'!) 
...mosey on over there (!) and see her latest motif!  

You can see everyone else's motifs here.

My latest is Motif # 3... 

I made this one twice.. just for the heck of it! 
The first one is made of a very fine thread 
which is not marked so I can't tell you what
 size it is.. it is just called crochet cotton! 

I used a 1.25mm hook... 

and then in my usual cotton which is 
Debbie Bliss Eco Baby ...

 I prefer the first one, but it won't work with the 
others if I am going to  use them all together... 

Here are the first 3 squares all together.. 

Finally my suprise! My hubby has sent tickets 
for me to go to MADRID for the weekend! 

I fly tomorrow... alone (gulp!)... and come
 home on Monday... so excuse me if I don't
 blog over the weekend... the Sangria and
 Tapas are calling.... 

I hope you all have a
 lovely weekend too! x


  1. Ooh, Madrid, you lucky thing! It would be so nice to live in an area where you could pop over to another country for the weekend!

    I love seeing your posts of all the squares which have come in. There is so much variety that you are going to have a real hard time I think joining them together!

    And your motifs are coming along beautifully. How many do you have to make?

    xXx Helen

  2. So glad the interview went ok, by all means to sit with legs, arms and fingers crossed, but eyes I wouldn't recommend.

    Victoria's squares are beautiful, her work is perfect (I know this being the lucky recipient of some of her snowflakes)

    Your motifs are lovely, have you a plan for them?

    Have a fabulous time in Madrid and it would be rude not to drink plenty of sangria and eat lots of tapas....fill your boots I say!

  3. I had a job interview too this week, but there were 70 other people that applied. So I don't get my hopes up. Lovely squares, is there a place (flickr? Ravelry?) where we can see all the ones that you received?

    Have fun in Madrid!

  4. Good luck on the interview let's hope it's good news. Keep us posted.
    Those new squares are just lovely. I do really like your motif's very pretty and lovely colours.
    Oooo Madrid have a fab weekend enjoy your sangria. :-)

  5. All good news :) Enjoy Madrid and after that you'll get "the call"!!

  6. Hey, you busy bee :) Your motifs have turned out beautiful, and I like your second version of #3 as well. I've got three or four motifs that I haven't blocked or photographed yet, because I don't like the colors and might make them again at the end of the journey.

    The squares that you've received are beautiful as well, I really admire your commitment to this project (especially since joining squares is my least favorite part of creating a blanket. After weaving in the ends, of course.)

    I hope you'll get good news concerning the interview, soon - and have fun in Madrid!

  7. Ooooh, a little alone time somewhere beautiful. Sound perfect. Have a lovely time.

  8. Enjoy your trip and perhaps, something else... Good luck !

  9. Enjoy every minute in Madrid with all that Sangria and Tapas!! YUM! Good luck with the interview! xoxo Debbie

  10. Nice Blankets for a perfect climate.

  11. Wow, have a fabulous weekend, so jealous!!! Jxx

  12. Hope you have a fabulous time in Madrid, Judy x

  13. Can't wait to see the finished blanket. My squares are finally in the post. I gave you an award.


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