Thursday, 5 January 2012

BBB 2012 -Squares from The Netherlands and FILET CROCHET at last!

On Tuesday this week a post popped into my 'reader' from Elisabeth of About Crochet  - Elisabeth has crocheted 2 beautiful squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012.. lovely pastel shades! They are winging their way to me now from the Netherlands!

Elisabeth is also organising a crochet competition which I blogged about here in November.  The rules are that, using one stitch pattern with 3 variations, participants should design a scarf, shawl, fingerless gloves or a cushion cover.  

Easy I thought.. but with one stitch pattern it is somewhat challenging... I've spent a long time starting a few projects and then starting again.. the end project has to be published on our blogs by 14th January....

There are 20 of us in the competition - I am the only one from the UK! Watch this bloggy space...

Have you seen the lovely idea that Lynda from hookinwithlalaa has had to start the new year off with a bloggy bang? Lynda is going to set up a Craft Box that will travel the country (Uk blogs only)....if you join the project by January 20th you can have a turn at the having the box arrive at your door - then you can take 2 things out of the box and replace them with 2 other things.. I'm not explaining it very well - pop over and have a look..... I'm in....

Right then, before I go to bed I want to show you something which I am tres proud of... I couldn't show you before as this was something I started for the Avent Swap (also organised by Lynda from Hookinwtihlaalaa).. and sent to Madison of Madison Makes

Madison blogged about them today here.

I conquered FILET CROCHET! Well, I say conquered... it was more of a picking up the sword to begin the battle really - but I did manage to make an 'M' for Madison - and sewed it into a very wobbly pin-cushion...

I also made a pot cover... this was also my fist attempt at adding beads to crochet which I loved.  I shall definitely be taking up the sword again as filet crochet is no-where near as complicated as I thought.. in fact it is VERY simple, kind of mathematical, but oh so fiddly at first!  It goes a bit like this... chain, chain, chain...treble, treble, treble...chain, chain, chain....Once you have been doing it for a while, as with everything in life, it gets easier...

My Mum's sister has a picture on her wall, of a little girl done in filet crochet which my lovely cousin made years ago..... Every-time we see it Mum asks me to make her something similar... I can't find a pattern anything like that, but I am looking... and I think it would be a great challenge for 2012....


  1. I started over on the project more than once also. I can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  2. Love the idea of a travelling craft box! Your filet looks gorgeous. A couple of years ago I made a small curtain (for my guest loo) in filet. It looked really pretty and was very easy. Can you post a pic of the little girl then we can all look out for something similar? xxxx

  3. I just realized yesterday that my very 1st original design was in filet crochet. About 20 years ago I designed a Grateful Dead Bear for my soon-to-be-fiance, based on a rubberstamp he used to put on all the letters he sent me. Now that you have the hang of it, you can make a grid of anything and create your own little girl. :)

  4. Well Jill, so many activities and they are all so nice. Filet is a long time ago for me, my first blanket was. Your work looks lovely, I do like the square:) Oh and I am so curious to your work for the contest!! Thanks for the attention you give to me:)

  5. I am determined to get some squares finished for the BB Blanket, Christmas crafting got in the way but I'm focused on this weekend.
    The filet crochet looks so pretty and very delicate, what a lovely present to give for the swap. It's annoying when you want a particular pattern/design for someone but can't find it. I'm sure if you post a picture someone will have a good idea where to find a similar one for your mum.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished project and pattern for the crochet contest. x

  6. Ok we are back from camping so my squares will be officially made this week. Love the filet crochet- both items are gorgeous, look forward to seeing what you create next!! Janette xx

  7. Oh wow, I must crack on a get some squares done for the blanket. I need a little trip to wool shop, what a shame....

  8. Hello,
    I love the little pin cushion you made. And adding beads to crochet looks very lovely too. I should try that someday.

  9. Very nice! I especially love the pot cover. So pretty. I posted off my squares last week too, so you should hopefully get them soon. Not sure how long it takes but usually a couple of weeks at least. I was rather in a rush, so please excuse the lack of details. I will try and blog them for you this week when I get some time. Hugs xoxoxo

  10. I need to visit the wool shop for some cotton yarn, but a square will be on it's way to you soon. xx


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