Thursday, 12 January 2012

We can talk back and more squares for the BBB 2012

Have you seen?  Am I the last to know (I usually am)! 

We now have 2 little buttons below each comment that we receive... 
one is DELETE and the best precious... is REPLY!  
A great big Blogspot Ta-Dah....Well done Blogspot !

Yesterday my postman brought me this...

An envelope all the way from New South Wales, Australia!

Lovely Karisma from Karisma's Kraft sent me 4 squares for the 
Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012! 
Here they are:

Aren't they beautiful? They are crocheted in a lovely dark purple cotton.  
Karisma has sent 4 squares all the same which is lovely.  
Here are some close-ups..

Karisma also sent a card...

" Outback Sunset" 

Thanks so much Karisma... 
it is so lovely to know that you took the trouble and time to 
make them so beautifully and send them half way round the world!

I had another lovely surprise yesterday when Laura from 
My House in Africa  sent me this: 

My fourth Liebster Blog Award! This is what Laura wrote:

 " - here you'll find Jill from the UK 
who is funny, generous to a fault and very creative. She has some great pattern links on her site and, of course, you'll meet the delightful Fred......"

Thanks Laura! It means so much to be given these awards by such lovely people.  

Now before I pop off to take my Mum shopping I must confess to joining in yet another challenge for 2012... this time I really couldn't resist the gauntlet laid down by Barbara over at Made in K-Town 

Barbara set herself a personal 2012 Crochet Challenge which is 
to make at least 100 motifs from Edie Eckman's book, 
"Beyond the Square - Crochet Motifs" 

....and then Barbara invited her blog readers to join in... maybe you would like to join us? If so pop over and tell Barbara

I was looking for inspiration when we went into 2012 and now I have masses of it.... 

So far I am:
1.  Organising the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 

2.  Taking part in Gingerbread Girl's One-A-Day project.

3.  Taking part in Lynda's Blanket Squares Swap 2012 at HookinwithLaalaa

4.  Taking part in Barbara's 100 Motifs in 2012 project.

5.  Taking part in Lynda's Travelling Craft box at HookinwithLaalaa

PHEW! Wish me luck.....


  1. Oh my goodness you are going to be busy, its a fun busy though so enjoy!!!!!!
    Those new squares are great, & congrats on your award :D
    Karen x

  2. You're not the last one, I just found out too haha. It seems like your year will be pretty busy haha.

  3. Where, my lovey, do you find the time?!!!
    These look like fun projects to be involved in.

    PS my yarn arrived at the weekend. -thank you so much.

    1. I'm not sure I do find the time... I just sleep less and less.. but I wouldn't do it if i didn't love it :) I'm glad the yarn got there ok...have fun with it :)x

  4. I had no idea either, it's going to be a great help.
    You are one busy lady!

  5. My, you'll have a busy year! I love the design of Karisma's squares, very unusual.

  6. The squares are beautiful. I'm a tad excited about the bbb!
    I am currently in the process of re designing my blog and must confess I only noticed the two new buttons yesterday myself! Amazing :-)

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing the new bloggy design Shelley...isn't 'reply' a lovely thing? :)x

  7. Lovely squares!!
    Where do you find the time to do all those things you are doing?? OMG!

  8. Wow, they got there quickly. I better hurry up and blog the pattern details etc. LOL I have not had any time for blogging this week as my daughter is visiting. Will try on the weekend. Hugs xoxoxox

    1. Yes please Karisma.. have a lovely time with your daughter! :)x

  9. I made mine :) and blogged about them for you :)

    1. Thanks Velma! They are beautiful too :)x

  10. Just recently I've been replying via gmail as all of the comments get sent to me first that way. But this will certainly streamline things!

    I love that you are so enthusiastic about all the different things you have joined. They all sound fantastic. But I can't even commit to the "One a Day". My crochet time is so sporadic that I do what I can when I can. Occasionally I go absolutely berserk and MUST do something and do it QUICKLY! Instead of joining new CALs, this year I am going to concentrate on finishing those projects I have started and put aside. I have a bedspread I started for the Flower Bed CAL, I have my blue triangles blanket which has hit a standstill, my Harmony trench coat, the cardigan for Little Miss B, and I want to restart the Belgian Baby Tank! Plus I know that I will be starting new things too!

    xXx Helen

  11. Goodness you're going to be busy!!! Good luck :D

  12. Oh my goodness Helen... you are probably doing more than me, just in spurts rather than trickles! What a lot of 'Ta-dahs' we have to look forward to on your blog! :)x

  13. hey Stocki - I've just ordered some yarn from your shop - I had no idea you had one!!!
    And this may make you laugh - I thought you were actually called Stocki and were Norweigen or Dutch or suchlike! Now it all make sense...
    fee x

  14. You are not the last to know about the reply. I think that might be me..... how lovely that we can now actually reply directly to the comment. Thanks for letting us know, your more informative than Blogger!!
    Thanks for your address, I will post the squares off on Monday (I'm not leaving the house today, it's far to cold).
    Have a great weekend x

    1. Great...thanks Joanne... I can't wait to get them in my eager little hands! :)x

  15. You are one busy lady. I want to get on, but somehow it's all a bit on slo-mo. I am enjoying doing squares for your blanket though it's a nice break from the norm. I like the sound of the motifs thing, I've always fancied that book and the Borders one.

    Not sure about th reply button, as trying to read through everyone's lovely blogs doesn't always fit in, but then I'm guessing you wouldn't know there was a reply until you revisited? Or am I being blonde?

    1. Hey faith...I went through a slo-mo few days at the beginning of the year, but I'm super motivated now.. it's all hills and valleys in my motivation levels though. I want the Borders book.. I asked for it for Christmas and my birthday but it didn't appear.. ah well, back to Amazon! Of course you are being blonde (us blondes are incredibly receptive and creative you know!).. the 'reply' pops up in your email... so it keeps you even more in touch with your blog than before :)x


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