Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday catch-up...

Well how exciting!  There is another blanket swap going on... this time Lynda from Hookin' With Laalaa  is organising a blanket....  

Lynda has invited crocheters to sign up, then within a certain amount of time, everyone crochets a square for everyone else on the list... a bit more work than the Beautiful Blogger Blanket, but everyone gets a blanket so it will be worth it.  I've signed up!

(Blanket photos taken from Google search - origins unknown)
Laurinda from Remembering Rowan  got in touch and asked for her link to be included on the Beautiful Blogger Blanket list of links for patterns etc. so I decided to have a look at her blog... Please go over there and have a look too - after the loss of her daughter Rowan, Laurinda decided to inspire other crafters to make blankets, hats etc. to donate to local baby care units in memory of baby Rowan.  

The site includes patterns, tutorials and links to support for parents who have suffered the devastating pain of losing a baby. 

Back to the BBB2012 - I have had a couple of questions about what weight DK or Double Knit yarn is as other countries refer to DK weight under other names.  Try this link to for information on all sorts of problems like this.

This weekend I worked a lot on my design for the crochet contest over at About Crochet - the following photos aren't of the design I have decided on as a final piece, but they are of one of the stitch pattern variations that Elisabeth specified.. this was a practise piece....

The stitch is called chain double-crochet(ch.dc) in the UK and chain single-crochet ( is the American term.  You can see that the front view of the stitch is quite different from the back view. 

The pattern goes like this (using the English terms): 

Make a chain of 15 and add 2 for turning.  If you want a longer piece of work you need to multiply the 15, and then add 2 on, so for example:  15 + 2 = 17, 30 + 2 = 32, 45 + 2 = 47...etc....

Make 17 chain.

Row 1. 
Make 1 chain in the 3rd chain from hook, 1 chain, *skip 1 chain, 1 chain double-crochet in the next chain, 1 chain*, repeat from * to * until the end of the row, end with 1 chain double-crochet in the last chain, make 2 chain, turn.

Row 2. 
1 chain double-crochet into the first 1 chain space, 1 chain, *1 chain double-crochet in the next 1 chain space, 1 chain*, repeat from* to * until the end of the row, end with 1 chain double-crochet into the top of the turning chain, 2 chain, turn

Row 3 and further. repeat row 2.

Elisabeth got the pattern description from , she also gives 3 variations of this stitch in the competition rules. is a lovely site for stitch patterns (crochet and knitting) and tutorials - especially if you would like to try crochet with thread.

I am off to do some house work and walk Fred... he's a bit bored...


  1. Hi Jill - wow great post! You had me zooming all over the web jumping from one site to the next!!! Love your colour combo on the crochet for Elisabeth's comp. Stunning! Have posted my squares to you so please let me know if you get them - I say 'if' cos the postal service here is very dodgy - if I lose them, then so be it! lol x ps Did Fred enjoy his walk.....?

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog...little explanation about our Christmas....
    We had yesterday our Christmasday because our son-in-law was lying in the hospital on Christmasday went we to him to the no presents , or eating for us on yesterday we had 'our' Christmas...I hope you understand my English?


  3. Thanks Laura! I'll let you know when the squares get here... I can't wait!

    Marjo... I'm sorry your son-in-law was ill...I do hope he is feeling better now.. I think it makes Christmas much more special after such a bad time! Your English is fine :)x

  4. I love how you changed colors every row. It really brings out the stitch pattern! Love it. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. What a nice Monday catch up! I find I have definitely not caught up with much properly for about 3 weeks.

    The boys went back to school today and littlest starts p-t next Monday, so I am in zero routine an throw a puppy in to, and I am in a right tizz!

    I am going to email you now so I can get your address for the bbb, sorry for my tardiness!

  6. Hello Jill,
    Nice post! Your close ups make me even more curious...:)

  7. Hmmmm, interesting. I don't feel ready to join in the serious stuff as a crochet beginner...but I will one day!
    Hope you're having a good week
    fee x
    (what a great idea about making the blankets for babies. My #3 was in special care for a while when he was born and one of the strongest memories I have is of the little blue hat they put on him. It was definitely handmade...)


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