Monday, 16 January 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 - Irish beauties!

Good morning afternoon!  

Time is flying here on my trolley (I have a trolley for a work space).. which means that when I'm not here I am 'off my trolley'...which is very apt as crochet/blogging definitely helps me stay sane- ish!

Last Thursday morning a little package 
arrived for me from Ireland...

An envelope from Niamh at The Craft Giraffe

Inside were 6 beautiful granny squares... 

Prepare to be 'wowed' !

Beautifully packaged..

The promise of beautiful colour blends...

All 6 of Niamh's squares are crocheted from
 a pattern which she was taught in school 
(are children still taught crochet in schools)?

I may invade my local primary and start classes...

Niamh says the pattern is similar to one 

Niamh used Debbie Bliss 100% cotton 
Double Knit for all of these squares.

Each one measures 11cm x 11 cm

20 different shades 

Niamh has a great eye for colour and has 
chosen bright, gem-like colours

Thank you Niamh.. they are gorgeous.

6 squares = 6 entries to win the whole blanket... 

Good Luck! 


  1. Wow, these are lovely and colourful!

  2. Stunning colours Jill!!! Can't wait to see the finished blanket... Love your 'off your trolley' thing!!!! So apt!!! lol x

  3. lovely colours. I can't wait to see the blanket now with all the beautiful saquares that are coming through now.

  4. love the colors!! I can't wait to see this blanket all together!!!

  5. Brilliant, I'm glad they arrived. Thanks for including them. I can't wait to see everyone's blocks and the blanket coming together.

    1. Hi Niamh... don't they look beautiful on screen too...lovely colours! Thanks so much for joining in :)x

  6. Oh they are beautiful. Brings back memories of my nana. She taught me to crochet using this pattern and this is the only pattern I actually knew up until a couple of years ago when I finally took an interest and starting crocheting in earnest. I was more of a knitter in the past. :-) Cant wait to see the squares all together. So exciting!

  7. hi, just stumbled across your blog and crochet squares competition, can anyone enter? would love to see my crochet travel around the world, i'm in australia! Do you have a cut off date? where should i send them? kind regards, Charmian :)

  8. Hi Charmian...Nice to meet you! Yes anyone can join in... you have until the 31st January to get your squares to me..if you email me (click on 'view my complete profile' at the top right of this page to find it), I will email my postal address back. Can't wait to see them! :)x

  9. Niamh's squares are gorgeous. I'm still hoping to join in too, if that's ok? Judy x

    1. Hi Judy.. yes it is definitely Okay.. the more the merrier! Email me and I will send you my postal address.. :)x

  10. Those are gorgeous squares - such great colours together. I'm intending to get my blocks in the post before the end of the week.


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