Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket - finish date delayed to end of February and One-a-Day-ish!

So many lovely people have been contacting me for my
 postal address for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket.. 

Some of them live half way across the world! 

It seems that quite a few bloggers have only just
 found our beautiful blanket project and need 
more time....

 So I hope you won't mind too much if I delay the end date for the 
blanket until Prince Charles Birthday

 29th February 2012

This gives us all another 5 weeks... so if 
you have been worrying that your squares 
won't reach me in time, or if you have been 
kicking yourself for not joining in time...

Get a wriggle on and whip up a square or two! 

Look at the beautiful squares on the blanket's 
own page (the link is at the top of the right hand column) 
...and see what you could win! The whole blanket! 

Here are some squares that arrived at the end of 
last week from Joanne of Rose & Dahlia.... 

An exciting little package with a beautiful 
cup cake card

and 6 perfect little squares... 

1 pink granny square from a pattern in the book, 
'Happy Hooker', by Debbie Stoller - p.67.

Joanne used Rowan Handknit cotton yarn
 and the square measures 11cm x 11cm.


Four! Simple Squares from the book, 
'Cute and Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench.  p.36.
Again using Rowan Handknit cotton, each one measures 10cm x 10cm.

And finally... *swoon* ....

This GORGEOUS 11cm x 11cm square which
 has a pale pink background, a red red rose
 and green ground behind the rose to look 
like leaves. 

This one is called the Camella Square and 
again comes from 'Cute and Easy Crochet' 
by Nicki Trench. (P. 88)

Do you need anymore inspiration to make a square
 and send it to me to be sewn into our blanket?  

Then pop over to a blog which is new to me... 
Dana's lovely Crafty Minx blog.  Dana is 
making a square a day and they are 

Finally...today is Tuesday.. yep Tuesday again already! 

The girls have all been making great progress this 
week over at Carole's blog - Gingerbread Girl 
 and on the Ravelry group too here.

Did I hear you ask about my progress? 

A measly 2.5 squares and I haven't taken a photo! 

One more week to complete my self-imposed
 deadline of getting up to date by 31st January....
I think I have about 40 to make this week!

P.S: I'm off to another job interview tomorrow morning.. wish me luck! 


  1. Oh wow, those squares are lovely.
    I hope your job interview goes well, you are one step ahead of me, I haven't even been asked for interview yet in my latest job hunt.
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks! It went well-ish... I think! Good luck with your own hunt.. it can be a bit daunting can't it :)x

  2. Sending you lots of luck for tomorrow, hope it goes well.
    I think it's a great idea to extend the date, so many people are blogging about it!
    Thanks for showing my squares, I forgot to take a photo before I sent them!!

    1. Thanks Joanne... and thanks again for your squares.. some lovely comments are being left about them ...Good luck in the draw :)x

  3. What gorgeous squares. Good luck with the interview.xxx

  4. those squares are amazing! sorry about causing a panic yesterday on my early post i just knew i wouldn't get round to it today lol. Im looking forward to seeing the bob 2012 eeeekkkkk .
    good luck on the interview I'm sure you will shine like the star that you are.

    1. Aww Shelley that is such a sweet thing to say! Thanks very much :)x

  5. So if you were a piece of stationery what would you be? And if you don't think of a good answer you know they'll ask you!

    Best of luck for tomorrow!

    Good idea to extend the date, although as the blanket gets bigger there is even more sewing to do......I keep addin to my pile and I'm making a special effort to make sure they are all slightly different sizes ;-p

    Love the new squares, especially the Rose one, how clever.

    Have you thought of an answer yet?!

    1. Ha ha Faith... you made me laugh just before I went off to the interview today.. and I was still smiling about it when I went in! They didn't ask...phew! I was going to be a pair of pinking shears..great at the job they are made for and crinkly at the edges! I can't wait to see your squares...whatever size they are! :)x

  6. Love the one with the flower! I have never tried one. This blanket is going to be beautiful!

    1. I can imagine a whole blanket with roses like that... sumptuous! :)x

  7. I don't mind at all that you extended the date I think it's fab, plus my squares are on the way but I had my fingers crossed they would get there. P.S I'm crossing my fingers this works as blogger wont let me comment lately xx
    p.p.s Ok not working going to try anonymous so Love Beberouge (beberouge.wordpress.com) xx

    1. They arrived safely.. and are as lovely as I hoped... I'll be blogging about them early next week... thanks so much for joining in :)x

  8. The blanket is going to be a piece of art! Wishing you loads of succes with the job interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Elisabeth... all these lovely good wishes are making me feel very lucky :)x

  9. My first attempt at a square is on my blog - a very wobbly square ha ha!
    http://craftthriftandlove.blogspot.com/ ..... but I have only been doing this for just over a week; sure I'll get better. Lovely to see all these wonderful pieces of craft though!

    1. I just left you a message there Mrs. Thrifty.. you are amazing after only one week! :)x

  10. Oh that rose looks divine! I am sure no-one minds waiting a little longer when such loveliness is in store.

    1. I hope not Karisma... it will be worth waiting for :)x

  11. yeah for more time! and good luck on the interview!!!

  12. Yay I'm so happy the deadline is delayed to the end of Feb! :D Now I can join in too, awesome :)


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