Tuesday, 17 January 2012

One-a-day Tuesday Tallies and The beautiful Blogger Blanket gets squares from South Africa!

It is Tuesday...TUESDAY and I am doing my Tuesday Tallies!  

This has often been done in a late rush on a Wednesday 
so you can imagine my delight at being on time this week.. 

Here are the FOUR squares I made this week.. 
hence falling even more behind, when I have 
promised all and sundry that I will catch up 
by 31st January... 

Still 4 is better than none.. 

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to see how everyone else is getting on with 
their Tuesday Tallies...  

You can also check them all out at the Ravelry 

On Saturday morning the postman caused quite a stir 
when he brought me this.....

An envelope all the way from South Africa! 

Laura from My House in Africa had sent her 
squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012.. 
and look... 9 of them!  How generous! 

 It didn't matter how much I tried, I couldn't 
get the camera to pick up what a lovely colour 
these squares are..

                                                Sorry Laura! 

A small plain dark Teal-green square measuring 10cm x 10cm

 This one is the same size, the same colour, 
but has a beautiful pale teal flower with 
a blue centre ...WOW!

 A larger (15cm x 15cm) granny squared circle
 in the same 3 colours...

Another smaller square - this time with the base 
ground in the paler teal green with a darker 
flower centre.. WOW again!

 Another smaller square (10cm x 10cm) 
in the paler teal-green....

One gorgeous larger lacy square (16cm x 16cm),
which has a star motif in the centre, 
surrounded by bands of trebles (UK term) 
and single crochet (UK term)...

This one is bigger again (22cm x 22cm) and 
is 3 bands of the previously used colours in 
single crochet.  

There is a pretty little centre too....

 The same size (22cm x 22cm), same colours, 
a centre that reminds me of the sun, with 
groups of trebles in bands and then a 
band of single crochet... lovely! 

 Finally, a 20cm x 20cm square in the same 
3 colours, rows of trebles and single 
crochet (UK terms)...

Some close ups...

 Well done Laura... I can't believe you sent 9 squares... 
thank you very much! You now have 9 entries 
to win the...Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012... 

Good luck! 

As well as all this, Laura sent  me a gift 
all the way from South Africa.. a beautiful 
traditional African beaded bowl or jug cover.. 

I put it over a wine glass to 
show you all the lovely beading dangling down.. 

 Thank you so much Laura! 


  1. Your squares are coming along nicely. What fab squares, such gorgeous colours, I can't wait to see it all put together.xxx

  2. your squares are lovely Jill can't wait to see your complete blanket. Laura's squares are beautiful & what a stunning gift too.

  3. How lovely all the squares are looking. Your cream ones are still looking very pretty as well, though how you are going to catch up by the end of the month with the BBB to contend with as well I have no idea!

  4. Your crochet skills are so awesome. Your stitches are so neat and precise.

  5. The colours of these crochet squares are just gorgeous!

  6. I'll get my squares off to you next week. Can't wait to see the blanket

    1. Thanks Candace - I can't wait to see them :)x

  7. I like your circles in a square. I keep coming across this pattern lately and it's starting to call my name!

    Sounds like you have lots to do with your one-a-day, so good luck with it and also good luck for the PCH project! Thanks so much for joining me, it's going to be good (I hope)!

    S x

    1. Thanks Sandra... it is a lovely pattern to make too.. very relaxing! Yep, I have a lot on.. but it is going to be a good year because if it! :)x

  8. WOW AWESOME! Really love the squares with the flowers. Is it as exciting for you with all the squares arriving as it is for me seeing them here? LOL I can't wait to see it all stitched up!

    1. It's VERY exciting when the postman comes now Karisma! :)x

  9. Hi Jill - thanks so much for such a lovely post on my squares!! Glad you liked them and your pressie too!!! Not sure if it will work on a sugar bowl (would have to very tall) but it will keep the Summer flies away from your glass of wine or G&T!!!! lol xxx

  10. Oh, I just love your blanket idea. Please, can I participate? Or it is too late now?


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