Saturday, 14 January 2012

Crochet Competition Entry at the last minute!

Two months ago Elisabeth Andree of About Crochet set a challenge for 20 crocheters to create an item (scarf, shawl, fingerless gloves, mittens, or cushion cover) using 3 stitch patterns or a combination of the 3.  

I blogged about my first attempt here.  This is a close up:

The pattern is called 'Chain Single-Crochet', the details are here.

When I was trying patterns and yarns out I drove myself mad with different colour combinations, and threw far too many in!  The pattern created by the stitch pattern I used was fascinating, and I'm sure could be used to create some brilliant colour effect.

I decided to make something that I could use... and in the end 
the design for a cushion cover emerged.. plain, simple, 
a little feminine maybe... 

Two colours - Grey and flecked cream.

My cushion cover measures 40 x 40cm and has a concealed 
slit opening a the back, fastened by crocheted bows....

The yarn I used for the body of the cushion is a wool, 
acrylic and fine alpaca mix. The cream for the embellishments
 is an oddment from my stash, probably an alpaca/silk mix.  

Both are aran weight. 

I used a size 6 (UK) crochet hook .  The yarn suggested 
size 5 - 5.5 (UK)  but I wanted a softer, looser fabric.

The body of the cushion cover and all the embellishments 
are made entirely using Chain Single Crochet (, and is 
'variation 1' of the 3 that Elisabeth gave us.  

  • I cast on 57 base chain and just continued until the main piece measured 40cm.  
  • I then began 2 pieces for the back in the same way, continuing one until it measured 34cm and the other for 12cm.  This allowed for a 2cm overlap when the 2 pieces were sewn together. 
  • Before assembling the cover, I crocheted 1 row of ch. sc all around the edges of the 3 pieces.  This gave me a more uniform edge to sew.
  • Sliding the 2 back pieces over each other - the largest over the smallest, I pinned them when they measured 40cm.  With wrong sides together I used over-sewing to sew the 2 sides together.

  • To form the 3 bows - 2 small for the back, and 1 larger to embellish the front, I cast on base rows of 50 x 2, (100 for the larger) chain and crochet 1 row of

  • The 'ribbon' for the front edge of the cushion was made in the same way but I cast on 250 base chain.

  • To fasten the back of the cover, there was no need to create button holes as the woven effect of the main stitch forms many holes.  I selected an appropriate position for the bows and threaded them through.

  • Finally I threaded the longest 'ribbon' in and out around the front edge of the cover and stitched it in place. 
  • I formed a bow with the last 'ribbon' and attached it to the top right corner with a few stitches.



  1. I think that is beautiful. Really elegant. Well done.

  2. Just beautiful, and it looks snuggly too!
    xXx Helen

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors and your creativity.

  4. Very nice! I love the bow, its the perfect finishing touch. Well done!

  5. Jill I love it! So pretty in shades of grey and so I have lots of ideas but not enough hours in the day to crochet! Have a lovely Sunday x

    Jo x x x

    1. Thanks Jojo...I hope you had a lovely restful Sunday :)x

  6. Hi Jill - love the cushion!!! Clever you!!! The colours are so subtle and gentle, just right for curling up with a good book!!! Good luck with all your projects, looks like you've taken on quite a lot.........! lol x

    1. Thanks Laura..yep, lots to do.. may not get much sleep in the next few weeks! :)x

  7. It is beautiful, I really love the grey. What a wonderful way to fasten it at the back with the crochet bows as well.

    1. Thanks Joanne.. the crochet bows are softer to lay on than buttons too :)x

  8. Lovely tutorial. The cushion is gorgeous. Very pretty and stylish.
    Thank you for your kind words in my comments.

  9. Such a beautiful blanket. it really must go onto the ever increasing to crochet list! :)

  10. Ohh I love the grey, beautiful! I have some squares for you. Ill send you an email so I can get them in the post. Jxo

  11. Lovely! I just couldn't picture a "cushion cover" design. You found a way to make it really stand out.

  12. I really like the cushion cover you designed. It looks very elegant.

    1. Thanks so much... I love yours too :)x

  13. Thanks for following me :)
    I like you cushion cover a lot, love the color, love the stitch, the bow details,....
    You did a great job, and so original cause I think nobody else made a cushion cover!!

    1. Hi Paula...Two us made cushion covers I think... thanks for the sweet comments - your scarf / cowl is excellent too...we all made a huge effort I think! :)x

  14. This is really gorgeous! The ribbon effects are beautiful. Well done. I hope you win :0))
    My mind is now a-whirl with colour & yarn ideas for this. I totally love your colour-way but can also imagine it in soft pastel shades too. Ooh - I so wish my list of 'To-do's' wasn't forever increasing :0) Crochet is awesome!

  15. Im from ireland and i love sending things :p I can't believe I've never discovered your lovely blog before!!

    Im just going to get the kettle boiled and curl up and get perusing cuz I've lots to catch up on. Then bed. Pinky promise lol

    Im so glad I stumbled here ^_^

    Claire xo.

  16. precioso cojin, te lo copio :P jajaj



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